Good Morning Britain Richard Madeley

GMB: Richard Madeley under fire for ‘making Chris Eubank’s grief about himself’

Chris tragically lost his son in July

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley has been criticised following an interview with Chris Eubank.

The 65-year-old presenter returned to the ITV programme this week.

However, some viewers were left far from impressed as Richard spoke to Chris today (October 12).

Good Morning Britain Richard Madeley
Good Morning Britain criticised Richard Madeley on the show (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain: Richard Madeley causes a stir with viewers

In July, Chris’ son Sebastian Eubank was found dead on a beach in Dubai after drowning.

It was later confirmed that the 29-year-old boxer died from a heart attack.

Appearing on GMB on Tuesday, Chris opened up about his late son.

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Richard started: “You’ve had an awful experience in recent months. You lost your beloved son Sebastian…

“You poor man, what a horrible blow.”

Chris, 55, responded: “Sebastian was a true champion. My son was a warrior in that he was out there to help the poor and disenfranchised.

Good Morning Britain Richard Madeley
Chris Eubank spoke about his son Sebastian’s tragic death (Credit: ITV)

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“He was there to help the youth. He took part in a revolution in Sudan. And now I am taking that on with his wife, with his child Raheem Sebastian.”

Later on, the boxer added: “No parent can get over because you’ve invested all this time, energy, love from birth to 29.

“And then he’s gone. So you can’t recover from that.

What did Richard say?

“But the inner you if you know the spirit world, if you believe in the spirit world, my son is with me, you remember who he was.”

Richard then interrupted: “I wish you’d been around when my father died.

“He was in his forties and he had a heart attack, which was completely unexpected.

Chris eubank children
Chris lost his son Sebastian in July (Credit:

“He died in my mother’s arms. The impact on his father was immense, and he never was able to think himself around it or through it.”

Richard continued: “I wish you’d been around back then. Some of that wisdom and philosophy would have been a huge strength.”

However, viewers at home appeared angered over Richard’s remark.

GMB angered over Chris’ interview

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Why does Richard Madeley turn everything into something to do with him. Poor Chris Eubank looks like a breath away from tears. #GMB.”

Another added: “Finally figured out who Richard Madeley remind me of. Alan Partridge. Especially when he makes @ChrisEubank’s grief about himself… #GMB.”

A third wrote: “Richard Madeley making the interview about him again @GMB.”

A fourth said: “Richard Madeley interrupting Chris Eubank talking about his grief for his son to talk about himself #GMB.”

In addition, a fifth complained: “Get Madeley out of there. Rudely interrupting Chris to make it all about himself as usual.”

Get Madeley out of there!

However, one viewer appeared to defend Richard.

They tweeted: “He’s trying to understand & empathise, possibly. But this was a chance for Chris to speak, not Richard.”

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