BGT viewers’ warning to Ofcom after Nabil Abdulrashid’s ‘racism’ routine

The comedian's performance has earned him a place in the final

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BGT viewers have warned Ofcom to expect a surge of complaints after comedian Nabil Abdulrashid mocked racists in last night’s (October 3) semi-final.

The judges roared with laughter as the black Muslim funny man from South London took aim at the #BLM moaners.

Britain’s Got Talent received almost 25,000 complaints from viewers who claimed to have taken offence at Diversity’s ‘politicised’ dance routine on the first semi-final.

And some are predicting more after the last semi.

Nabil began his routine joking that a police officer had mistaken him for rapper Big Narstie, before making a jibe about critics.

BGT Nabil Ofcom
BGT comedian Nabil delivered a blistering performance (Credit: ITV)

Race card

“People watching will think that it’s another of one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing jokes about stop and search – no, it’s a joke about being fat,” he said. “Big Narstie and I are both fat, we just both happen to be black too. Don’t throw in the race card guys!

“When do black people ever get mistaken for each other? Especially not by police – no! Listen, I didn’t even want to come out here and talk about race, but seeing as we’re on the topic…”

He then went on to deliver a confident and charismatic performance with more controversial jokes that included one about Muslims taking over, as he noted during lockdown in England pubs were closed, people walked apart and there were face coverings everywhere.

BGT Nabil Ofcom Alesha
Alesha called Nabil’s performance ‘brave’ (Credit: ITV)

BGT judges’ verdict on Nabil

Nabil received a standing ovation from all four judges.

Alesha Dixon said: “I really loved it. I mean the reason I pressed my golden buzzer is that I love things that are a bit edgy and a bit different and you’re that guy.

This is not just for me man it’s for a lot of people I represent so thank you.

“It’s ok to feel a bit uncomfortable with comedy and i think that’s what comedy’s about. I think you’re very brave to take on the subject of racism, very poignant right now.

“And I think we all need to learn to laugh a bit more and have a sense of humour. So well done, I think you should be really proud. It was great.”

“Comedy pushing boundaries”

Amanda Holden agreed: “Comedy should be about pushing boundaries, it should be about taking us right to the edge. And tonight it made me really, really laugh so congratulations. Well done.”

Ashley Banjo praised: “Legendary stuff. I did nothing but laugh. A lot of comedians have found it really hard with the virtual audience but I didn’t even think about that with you.

“You should be in the final and for me, you should be up there to win this competition.”

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“It was a brilliant set,” David added. “It was absolutely hilarious.”

Nabil punched the air and shouted “South London!” before telling Ant and Dec: “This is not just for me man it’s for a lot of people I represent so thank you.”


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