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EastEnders: Emma Barton reveals Honey ‘furious’ over Janet incident

Honey will be absolutely furious with them both

EastEnders star Emma Barton has revealed Honey Mitchell is “furious” with Billy and Jay over daughter Janet’s disappearance.

The shop assistant will be left panicking next week when the feud between Billy and Jay means Janet goes missing.

honey mitchell eastenders
Honey will be “furious” with Jay and Billy in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Speaking to Inside Soap, Emma said Honey will be “absolutely furious” with both men over the incident.

She said Billy and Jay’s constant arguments are causing Honey “a lot of stress”.

“Her main concerns are what people are going to think, and how the new relationship is going to affect her children,” she added.

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“It’s a massive mess, and Billy and Jay are a bit like Laurel and Hardy.

“Honey’s at the point where she just wants to bang their heads together.”

In next week’s scenes Jay tells Honey that things aren’t going well with him and Billy.

Jay and Billy’s feud causes chaos (Credit: BBC)

It’s clear he still hasn’t accepted that he and Honey are together.

Later, a talent scout, Amelia, introduces herself.

She tells Billy that she’s looking for someone to front a commercial and she nods to Janet, leaving him chuffed.

Janet is spotted by a model scout while out with her mum Honey (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: How does Janet go missing?

Honey is hesitant about it at first but agrees if it’s what Janet wants then they will go to the audition.

Soon Jay and Billy are arguing over who will take Janet to the audition. Honey is left despairing as her boyfriend and ex-husband argue.

At the Minute Mart, Honey is having a chat to Whitney when she takes a nasty fall. After a hospital visit, Honey is recuperating as Jay arrives.

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She tells him that she’s hurt her back. However a miscommunication means that neither Billy or Jay picked up Janet from her audition.

But when they realise, they rush to the audition location and find no-one there.

Horrified they call the police, but where is Janet?


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