Monique on My Mum, Your Dad and Tolullah on This Morning

‘I felt very offended’: My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah reveals ‘incident’ with Monique after filming

"Guys, I'm going to be honest with you, the disrespect"

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My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah has opened up about an ‘incident’ she had with co-star Monique after filming.

The show stars reunited at Monique‘s daughter Taiya’s baby shower after filming. However, Tolullah claims she was uninvited from the event by Monique.

During the show, both Tolullah and Monique built connections with Martin M. However, he decided to pursue his connection with Monique instead of Tolullah.

My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah on This Morning
Tolullah addressed her relationship with Monique (Credit: ITV)

Tolullah on My Mum, Your Dad

Speaking in a TikTok live on Wednesday night (October 4), Tolullah admitted she and Monique didn’t share a close bond in the retreat. She also detailed an incident where she reportedly missed out on Taiya’s baby shower.

The live, hosted by Tolullah’s daughter Georgia, took place last night with the pair and Martin M.

When asked if she still speaks with Monique, Tolullah said: “I hugged Monique when I left the house, it was cool. I thought it was a little shady that she didn’t tell me she liked [Martin M] because me and her would talk about me and Martin.

“But even then, it was still good. I walked away feeling all good.”

My Mum, Your Dad stars Tolullah and Georgia on This Morning
Tolullah and Georgia appeared on My Mum, Your Dad (Credit: ITV)

Tolullah went on: “Coming out of the house, there was an incident guys and I’m going to say it one time and I’m never going to repeat this.”

Martin M then chimed in: “Oh I’ve never heard this story before.”

Tolullah said: “Monique had a baby shower for her daughter. She was organising it and invited everyone expect Martin M. She invited everyone else including me. I was like that’s nice but I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t go because I’m not close to her and I never was.

“But Georgia said to me, ‘Mum, I’ll be the only kid who’s going whose parent isn’t there.’

Monique on My Mum, Your Dad
Monique reportedly uninvited Tolullah to her daughter Taiya’s baby shower (Credit: ITV)

“So I was like cool. So I messaged Monique and I said, ‘Is there a baby list, can I buy a gift?’ and she sent me the baby list after a couple of days of trying to get it. Then fast forward to maybe a couple of weeks later, before the baby shower was meant to happen, Monique sends me a message saying ‘unfortunately she’s overdone her numbers’ and some people will have to be basically uninvited.

Guys, I’m going to be honest with you, the disrespect.

“She said, ‘Make sure you tell Georgia as well.’ She also said, ‘I can refund you for the gift.’ Guys, I’m going to be honest with you, the disrespect. First of all, the disrespect in telling me to refund a gift for her child’s baby given in good will and love.

“Secondly, excluding my daughter by saying she has to do the numbers. Do it for me, not my daughter.”

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Tolullah added: “I felt very, very offended. Since that day, I have not had a word to say about Monique. This is why. It’s not because of Martin. That’s it, that’s my last word on it.”

ED! has contacted a rep for Monique for comment.

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Martin M quipped: “That was a really good rant by the way. Impressive. But I wasn’t invited anyway so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Let’s hope all is good with them now!

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