Larry Lamb says his daughter is being stalked and family feels ‘vulnerable’

The Gavin & Stacey favourite hit out at the 'disgraceful scenario'

Larry Lamb said his daughter is being stalked and his family feels “vulnerable”.

The former EastEnders actor, 73, took to Twitter to reveal that his teenage daughter was a victim of stalking, amid conversations prompted by the murder of Sarah Everard.

On Twitter, Larry’s ex-partner’s friend posted a statement about what the family was experiencing.

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What’s happening to Larry’s family?

Actress Evelyn Hoskins said the Sarah Everard case prompted her to act for her friend before it was too late.

Sharing on her behalf, Evelyn claimed the 17-year-old and her mates, all the same age, had been targeted by a 26-year-old man.

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She also alleged that police, despite having the man’s personal information and access to a photograph, had failed to act.

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‘Going through something hideous’

She tweeted: “My best friend is going through something hideous right now and what happened this week has brought a whole new light to the situation.

“At what point do we get the help we need? When it’s too late? She asked me to share her story.”

The 17 year old you refer to is my daughter… this whole disgraceful scenario needs everyone to work together.

The statement, from Larry’s ex, explained how the family were terrified as the alleged perpetrator was preying on young girls and asking them to get into his car.

It also said: “We have installed security cameras and I have bought a tracker, I can’t sleep and I shan’t rest until I know I have done everything I can so that IF my worst, most unimaginable nightmare happens, I can’t say ‘I should have…'”

What did Larry Lamb say about his daughter?

Larry, who played Archie in EastEnders and also starred in Gavin & Stacey, responded to the tweet. He branded what is happening “disgraceful” and called for a unified response in the wider conversation about women’s safety.

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He wrote: “The 17 year old you refer to is my daughter… this whole disgraceful scenario needs everyone to work together.

“Maybe an app that all those affected could join would help the effort to get these individuals off the streets.”

Larry Lamb says family feeling ‘vulnerable’ over stalker targeting daughter

In another tweet, he said what his daughter’s going through “makes us all feel vulnerable”.

Fans offered their support in the replies, sharing their condolences and calling it a “complete nightmare” for the family.

Larry later tweeted: “So many wonderfully supportive messages… she’s feeling much more confident… thank you all so much.”


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