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Man defended for putting his ex’s dog down without consulting her as he’s accused of ‘doing it out of spite’

Was he in the wrong?

A man on Reddit has been defended after putting his ex’s dog down without consulting her.

The man’s ex has accused him of putting the dog down “out of spite” – however, his fellow Redditors think differently.

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The man was forced to put his ex’s dog down (Credit: Pexels)

Reddit: Man puts his ex’s dog down without consulting her

A man took to Reddit’s Am I The A*****e subreddit yesterday (Wednesday, August 2) to ask whether he’d been in the wrong for putting his ex’s dog down.

“My (M30) ex (F28) broke up with me four months ago to take a job overseas,” the man said. “It sucked but I dealt. She left behind some stuff which is still in storage and her dog James. She has had James for twelve years. I only made his acquaintance six years ago. We are bros.”

“James was very cool with staying with me. He is used to my apartment and my neighbourhood. I made sure to keep his diet and routine the same because he was an old fusspot and would whine if I got him a treat he hadn’t tried before. Until I tried to take it away. Then he would snatch it up and run under my bed,” the man then continued.

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The man was devastated with his decision (Credit: Pexels)

Ex accuses man of putting his dog down to ‘spite’ her

The man then continued. “Unfortunately he got a twisted stomach. He was an old dog and the vet said that the surgery would be expensive and that there would be no guarantee that James would wake up,” he said.

“I cried my eyes out and asked the vet to please send James over the rainbow bridge,” he then continued.

My ex’s mom saw me the other day and asked about James. I told her what happened and she said she was sorry. But she also called her daughter. Who then called me to call me a petty [bleep] for putting down her dog to spite her,” he then said.

“I hung up and blocked her on everything.”

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The ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy (Credit: Pexels)

Man defended by fellow Reddit users

The man then continued. “I did everything I could to keep him happy after she left. I didn’t do this to hurt her. I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do for James,” he said.

“Maybe I could have contacted her to pay for the surgery but she takes days/weeks to get back to me,” he then said. He then asked if he was in the wrong.

His fellow Redditors were quick to defend him. “She left an older dog that you clearly loved in your care when she left the country. Clearly, he was your dog in every sense after the breakup,” one Reddit user said.

“It is amazingly narcissistic for her first thought to be that you killed her dog out of spite or whatever for the purpose of hurting her. You are blessed to have gotten out of a relationship with her. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved pet, James. NTA [ Not the A*****e],” they then said.

“She left James with you. She abandoned James. He was no longer her dog, James became YOUR dog. You cared for him,” another said.

“NTA. The reality is, James became your dog when your EX moved overseas without him. Should you have told her? Probably. Asked? Nope,” a third wrote.

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