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Iceland launches new Slimming World meals that are free for followers of the diet

Who said there's no such thing as a 'free' meal?!

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Iceland has added a range of Slimming World traybakes, hot pots and family favourites to its already expansive “free” food range.

The frozen food giant said the new additions to the range will “delight slimmers old and new in 2021”.

An Iceland shop is a must for followers of the diet because it stocks so many meals that Slimming World fans can eat for free.

hot pot ready meal
The Chicken Hot Pot is free for Slimming World followers (Credit: Iceland)

What is free food on the Slimming World diet?

Free food – or Syn-free food – is a staple on the Slimming World diet.

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It consists of things like fruit, veg, fish, meat and poultry, eggs, pasta and rice which dieters can eat unlimited amounts of.

Iceland stocks a range of ready meals that are made entirely of Syn-free foods, and they’re a godsend if you’re not the world’s best cook or don’t have the time to prepare a meal every night.

curry ready meal
The Tandoori Chicken Traybake has us drooling (Credit: Iceland)

What are the new meals like?

Iceland has just introduced four new ready meals.

They include “easy and convenient” traybakes, hot pots and classic family favourites.

What’s more, you can cook them all straight from the freezer.

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Now that’s why Mum’s gone to Iceland!

There’s something for pretty much everyone in the range, with the four exclusive new additions a must if you’re a fan of chicken or sausages.

Three new chicken dishes are in the new offering that’s in store and online now.

Pick from Chicken Hot Pot, £3 for 500g, Tandoori Chicken Traybake, £5 for 1kg, or the Hunter’s Chicken, £3 for 430g.

sausage ready meal
There’s also a Sausage Casserole Traybake that’s ready to cook (Credit: Iceland)

If you’re a fan of sausages, the Sausage Casserole Traybake, £5 for 1.1kg, looks delicious.

Both the casserole and the tandoori traybake are set to rise in price to £6.50 in February, so clear some room in the freezer now and stock up!

The hot pot can be cooked in just 12 minutes if you’re short on time and features succulent pulled chicken and lentils in a sumptuous gravy, topped with sliced potato.

Need to get back into Slimming World because some of those Iceland meals are amazing.

The sausage casserole is a real winter warmer and big enough to share with all the family.

The Hunter’s Chicken is also on offer at the moment – it’ll cost £4 from February 1.

It features two chicken breasts wrapped in smoky bacon medallions and smothered in a tasty barbecue sauce.

chicken ready meal
The Hunter’s Chicken is on offer this month (Credit: Iceland)

What have Slimming World fans said about the meals?

“Need to get back into Slimming World because some of those Iceland meals are amazing,” said one fan of the range.

Another added: “They’re quick, easy, tasty and all free food.”

“Thank you for helping to keep Slimming World members on track with your delicious meals,” another commented on Twitter.


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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor