Birthday Cake flavour Cadbury Dairy Milk exists and you can buy it in the UK

All our chocolate dreams have come true!

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Listen up Cadbury fans as we have some very good news for you.

A brand-new Dairy Milk bar has landed on UK shores and to say we’re excited is an understatement.

Let us introduce you to the newest Marvellous Creations bar on the block.

And, party popper emojis at the ready, it’s Birthday Cake flavour.

The bars are in stock online now (Credit: GB Gifts)

The bar features “Dairy Milk chocolate with marshmallows, 100s & 1000s and biscuit pieces”.

Although early testers say the biscuit pieces are more like “rice bubbles”.

We’re really not fussy, it sounds amazing!

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Cake-flavoured chocolate gets a great big yes from us!

If you feel the same, you’ll be able to find the bars online at GB Gifts.

Cadbury has launched a new Birthday Cake bar (Credit: GB Gifts)

The 50g bars are a bit steep at £2.99 each plus postage.

But it’s a small price to pay for the Australian import.

Yes, it appears those Aussies really do get the best of everything… Sunshine… surfers… and stupendous Cadbury chocolate bars!

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If you’re looking for more new Dairy Milks being sold on UK shores, though, you are in luck.

The results of Cadbury’s Inventor competition are due to be revealed any day now, sources say.

More new Cadbury bars

It will see three new flavoured Dairy Milk bars launch in the UK.

Chocolate fans will then have to vote for their favourite.

Dairy Milk chocolate with marshmallows, 100s & 1000s and biscuit pieces.

Chocolate-loving Brits were able to pick from a range of tasty and unusual ingredients to make their bar as part of the competition.

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They included popping candy, chilli, rose, edible glitter and even Dijon mustard.

Cadbury said there were more than 90,000 different combinations available to choose from.

Three new Dairy Milk bars are launching in the UK next month (Credit: Pixabay)

And it’s said the new bars will hit supermarkets in “early July”.

Last year’s winner was the delicious Choca-Latte bar, which is now on permanent sale in British stores.

We can’t wait to see what Cadbury and the entrants have come up with this year!

And, if all that still hasn’t satisfied your chocolate cravings, pop into M&S.

The store has launched the Big Daddy – a huge peanut and caramel chocolate bar just for Father’s Day.

And it looks so delicious, dads have been begging their kids to buy it for them!

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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