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Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ explores the infamous killer’s life

Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes exposed!

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Netflix’s new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story relives the chilling true tale of the infamous serial killer – but where is he now?

The gripping 10-part series shows his gruesome crimes like they’ve never been seen before – from the perspective of his victims.

So who is the multiple murderer Jeffrey Dahmer and where is he now?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix series.

Evan Peters under arrest in the Netflix series DAHMER
Evan Peters stars as Jeffrey Dahmer in the new Netflix limited series (Credit: Netflix)

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States.

He would go on to become one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Monster, was a serial killer and sex offender who became infamous for his harrowing crimes.

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys.

The murders often involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Jeffrey Dahmer appeared to have a fairly normal childhood.

It wasn’t until he got older that he started drinking and becoming fascinated with the carcasses of animals.

Jeffrey continued drinking throughout high school and, three weeks after his graduation in 1978, he committed his first crime.

The serial killer picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and offered to take him back to his father’s house to drink beer

However, when Steven decided to leave, Jeffrey knocked him out with a dumbbell and killed him.

He then dissected and scattered his remains throughout his backyard.

Nine years passed before Jeffrey would kill again.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do to his victims?

Jeffrey began going to gay bathhouses, where he would drug men and rape them while they were unconscious.

Shockingly, although he was arrested twice, he only faced probation.

Steven Tumoi was his second victim in 1987.

Jeffrey later claimed he had no memory of murdering him.

After that, the killings occurred sporadically.

By the summer of 1991, Jeffrey was killing one person each week.

Jeffrey used the corpses for disturbing acts, including intercourse (necrophilia).

He even preserved body parts for display and ate them.

Jeffery Dahmer wearing glasses in DAHMER
Evan Peters in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Credit: Netflix)

How was Jeffrey Dahmer caught?

Jeffrey Dahmer came close to being caught a number of times.

Many of Jeffrey’s neighbours started to notice his strange behaviour and complained about noises and awful smells coming from his apartment.

But, shockingly, the police didn’t listen.

On one horrifying occasion, a lobotomised victim even managed to make it out onto the streets to beg people for help.

However, Jeffrey managed to convince the police that the young man was his intoxicated boyfriend.

So how did Jeffrey eventually get caught?

When was Jeffrey arrested?

It wasn’t until July 22 1991, that police finally arrested Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey tried to force Tracy Edwards into his bedroom with a butcher’s knife.

But, during the struggle, Tracy was able to break free and escape to alert the police.

Upon entering Jeffrey’s bedroom, the police found pictures of dead bodies and severed limbs which finally gave them enough evidence to place Jeffrey under arrest.

As they searched his apartment, they also found a heart in the freezer, seven skulls and several severed heads.

Jeffrey was indicted on 15 murder charges.

The trial began on January 30 1992.

Although Jeffrey tried to plead insanity as his defence, the court declared him sane and found him guilty on 15 counts of murder.

Jeffrey Dahmer confessed to murdering 17 victims, but was only charged for 15 life terms.

A judge sentenced him to 15 life sentences, which is a total of 957 years in prison.

Jeffrey Dahmer mugshot wearing dark glasses
Jeffrey Dahmer – aka The Milwaukee Murderer – in his mugshot (Shutterstock)

Where is Jeffrey Dahmer now?

On November 29 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was brutally murdered in prison.

Of course, some weren’t surprised – Jeffrey was never destined to have an easy time in prison even though he was spared from death row.

After his first year in prison, Jeffrey told his family he was a born-again Christian and he was prepared to repent for what he had done.

But, according to Christopher Scarver, the man who eventually killed Jeffrey Dahmer, he was the exact opposite.

Convicted murderer Christopher claimed that Jeffrey would use prison food and ketchup to replicate severed limbs to taunt his inmates.

He also got into a heated argument with Osvaldo Durruthy which led to Osvaldo attempting to slash Jeffrey’s neck with a razor.

Christopher eventually confronted Jeffrey with a 20-inch metal bar from a piece of exercise equipment.

He bludgeoned him to death.

Christopher Scarver is still in jail serving out his life sentences.

Where are Jeffrey’s parents now?

Jeffrey’s parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer.

Although the pair got divorced during Jeffrey’s childhood, they claimed they loved their son and that he had a normal upbringing.

They also insisted that there were no warning signs of what he’d go on to do, saying he was just a shy boy.

After their son was sentenced, Jeffrey’s dad wrote a book entitled A Father’s Story.

In the book, he acknowledged that he was absent throughout his son’s formative years as he was a PHD student in chemistry at the time.

The chemist also confessed that he felt responsible for his son’s actions.

He explained that he would have intervened if he’d known his son was riding his bike around country roads gathering roadkill and animal carcasses.

In an interview on Larry King Live, he said: “If I had known about the roadkill, that would’ve been a red flag.

“I would’ve done something immediately, intervened.”

Jeffrey’s mother Joyce, was also deeply hurt by her son’s actions.

Just months before Jeffrey was murdered in prison, Joyce tried to take her own life by turning on her gas oven and leaving the door open.

Next to her was a suicide note which read: “It’s been a lonely life, especially today.

“Please cremate me… I love my sons, Jeff and David.”

However, Jeffrey’s mother survived the incident.

She died on November 27 2000. Lionel is still alive.

Jeffrey Dahmer in orange prison overalls attends court
Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in court (Credit: AP/Shutterstock)

What happened to Jeffrey’s brother?

Jeffrey Dahmer had a younger brother named David Dahmer.

Growing up, the pair reportedly had a love-hate relationship.

Jeffrey enjoyed David’s company, but was often jealous of the attention David got from their parents.

And afterJeffrey Dahmer was arrested for his crimes, David changed his name and was never seen or heard from again.

We do know that he graduated from the University of Cincinnati.

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