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Netflix’s ‘Monster’: Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in new horror series

His 17 victims died in horrifying circumstances

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Netflix’s new horror series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is based on the serial killer famous for the gruesome way he murdered his victims.

Over the course of 13 years, Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 victims without getting caught.

So who were the Milwaukee Monster‘s victims?

Read on to find out.

Evan Peters dressed as Jeffery Dahmer in DAHMER
Actor Evan Peters portrays the serial killer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Credit: Netflix)

Jeffrey Dahmer victims: Steven Hicks

The long list of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims started with Steven Hicks in 1978.

Steven Hicks was an 18-year-old hitchhiker on his way to a rock concert when Jeffrey picked him up in Ohio.

Jeffrey Dahmer took Steven back to his dad’s house and offered him a drink.

However, when Steven tried to leave, Jeffrey bludgeoned him with a dumbbell.

He then strangled him, dismembered his body and scattered his remains in his back garden.

Steven Tuomi was Jeffrey Dahmer’s second victim

Although Jeffrey didn’t kill anyone between 1978 and 1987, his dark fantasies never went away – he was just waiting for the right time.

Jeffrey’s second victim was Steven Tuomi, thought to be 24/25 years old, who Jeffrey met at a bar in September 1987.

When questioned by the police, Jeffrey admitted he had taken Steven back to the hotel to drug and rape him.

But he claimed he couldn’t remember what happened next.

He said he woke up to find Steven dead in his bed.

According to quotes in Inside Edition, Jeffrey had “no intention of hurting him”.

He said: “When I woke up in the morning he had a broken rib… He was heavily bruised.

“Apparently, I had beaten him to death with my fists.”

Jeffrey Dahmer with a moustache in his police mugshot
Jeffrey Dahmer in his mugshot (Credit: Uncredited/AP/Shutterstock)

James Doxtator

James Doxtator was only 14 years old when he crossed paths with the Milwaukee Monster, so called because he was born there.

Jeffrey lured the boy into the basement of his grandmother’s house, promising him money for nude photos.

But instead, Jeffrey drugged, raped, strangled and dismembered the child’s body.

Richard Guerrero

Jeffrey met his next victim, 22-year-old Richard Guerrero outside a Milwaukee bar.

Jeffrey offered Richard money to return with him to his grandmother’s home…

There he drugged and strangled him.

He then had intercourse with his corpse and dismembered his body.

Jeffrey Dahmer victim Tracy Edwards
Jeffrey Dahmer targeted Tracy Edwards but he was able to escape (Credit: Anonymous/AP/Shutterstock)

Jeffrey Dahmer victims: Anthony Sears

Anthony Sears was a 24-year-old aspiring model who also met Jeffrey Dahmer at a bar.

Again, Jeffrey drugged and strangled the man.

However this time, Jeffrey kept trophies of his murder because he found Anthony “exceptionally attractive”.

Raymond Smith

After leaving prison for a second-degree sexual assault charge, Jeffrey found a new apartment at 924 North 25th street in Milwaukee.

Shortly after, he met a 32-year-old sex worker named Raymond Smith.

Back at his new apartment, Jeffrey drugged him, strangled him to death and took photos of his corpse.

He also dismembered his body and preserved his skull which he kept near Anthony Sears’ remains.

The photos and his remains were eventually found by the police in July 1991.

Edward Smith

Although most of Jeffrey’s victims were strangers, the Milwaukee Monster actually knew his seventh victim Edward Smith.

The 27 year old and Jeffrey had apparently been seen together at clubs before.

At Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial, the victim’s brother alleged that Edward had “tried to be Jeffrey Dahmer’s friend”.

But instead Jeffrey killed him and stashed some of his body parts in his freezer until they started to degrade and fall apart.

Evan Peters being escorted by the police in DAHMER
A new Netflix limited series now recreates Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes (Credit: Netflix)

Ernest Miller and David Thomas

Jeffrey Dahmer killed two victims in September 1990 – Ernest Miller and David Thomas, both 22.

Ernest was the first victim, who unlike the others, had his throat cut by Jeffrey.

Jeffrey also experimented with eating parts of Ernest’s body.

In a chilling interview, Jeffrey Dahmer told Inside Edition: “I was branching out, that’s when the cannibalism started.

“The eating of the heart and the arm muscle.

“It was a way of making me feel that [my victims] were a part of me.”

Later, Jeffrey returned back to his old ways and murdered David Thomas in his usual way – by drugging and strangling him.

But this time he didn’t keep any of the body parts.

Jeffrey Dahmer victims Curtis Straughter

Jeffrey Dahmer killed again in 1991.

This time, his victim was 17-year-old Curtis Straughter, who agreed to go back to Jeffrey’s apartment after he offered money for nude photos.

Once there, Jeffrey drugged Curtis, strangled, photographed and dismembered him.

He then kept parts of his body to eat and to save as trophies.

Errol Lindsey

Out of all of Jeffrey’s victims, Errol Lindsey suffered one of the most horrific deaths of them all.

The 19-year-old man was drugged and brought back to Jeffrey’s apartment where he was kept alive for a gruesome experiment.

Jeffrey drilled a hole in his head and poured hydraulic acid into it.

The killer reportedly wanted to keep Errol alive but in a “zombie-like” state.

The experiment didn’t work and Errol woke up, complaining of a headache.

So Jeffrey strangled him.

Jeffrey Dahmer victims: Anthony Hughes

Jeffrey met 31-year-old Anthony Hughes at a Milwaukee gay bar in May 1991.

Heartbreakingly, Anthony Hughes was deaf and agreed to go home with Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey then drugged him and strangled the man to death.

Scott Paophavihanh and Khetphet Phagnasay crying in DAHMER
Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: Actors bring to life Konerak’s father and brother at Jeffrey’s trial (Credit: Netflix)

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasomphone was another victim who was brutally murdered in May 1991.

Jeffrey lured the 14-year-old boy back to his apartment and began drilling into his head.

However, Konerak somehow managed to escape while Jeffrey was out of the apartment.

Jeffrey returned home to find his victim woozy, talking to women out on the street.

Although the women alerted the police, Jeffrey managed to convince the authorities that Konerak was his 19-year-old intoxicated boyfriend.

The serial killer then brought Konerak back to his apartment and returned to his experiment which eventually killed the boy.

Jeffrey Dahmer victims: Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner was one of Jeffrey’s last victims.

The 20-year-old man died like many of the others – after being drugged, strangled and dismembered.

The Milwaukee Monster also kept some of his body parts in the freezer.

What happened to Tracy Edwards?

The police finally arrested Jeffrey Dahmer, thanks to would-be victim Tracy Edwards.

Jeffrey tried to force Tracy Edwards into his bedroom with a butcher’s knife.

But, during the struggle, Tracy was able to break free and escape to alert the police.

Upon entering Jeffrey’s bedroom, the police found pictures of dead bodies and severed limbs which finally gave them enough evidence to place Jeffrey under arrest.

As they searched his apartment, they also found a heart in the freezer, seven skulls and several severed heads.

Jeffrey was indicted on 15 murder charges.

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