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Woman snaps and tells sister-in-law ‘stop eating so much’ as she’s accused of ‘fat-shaming’ her

Was she justified?

A woman on Reddit has been defended after snapping and telling her sister-in-law to “stop eating so much”.

The woman has been accused by her sister-of-law of “fat-shaming” her, however, it seems as though her fellow Redditors are on her side…

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Reddit: Woman defended after telling her sister-in-law to ‘stop eating so much’

A woman took to the Am I The A*****e subreddit on Reddit to make a confession. She revealed that she’d snapped at her sister-in-law and told her to “stop eating so much“. Her sister-in-law has since accused her of “fat-shaming” her. She was keen for fellow Redditors to let her know whether she was in the wrong or not.

She began the post by explaining that her sister-in-law moved in with her and her family after getting divorced. ” We told her to just worry about her own food, as I didn’t like the idea of eating together due to their history with food. I don’t know how to put it nicely so I guess I will go blunt.. her and her kid never stop eating,” the woman explained.

“They both have severe health issues, as both of them combined are over 600lbs and live a very fat-positive life,” she then said.

Woman clashes with her sister-in-law

The woman then continued, explaining that she and her kids went on holiday as they needed a break. “I had just spent almost $400 on food prior to leaving so our freezer was full and so was our cupboards. This would feed us (me, husband, kids) for easily 2 weeks. Well, I got home last night and ALL of the food is gone. Every single bit of it,” she then said.

“I look in my SILs pantry and all her food is gone too, which was full when I left. I immediately question it and my SIL apologizes and said her and her kid got hungry and her legs hurt too much to drive to the store,” she then continued.

She then continued. “I said ‘Why the [bleep] didn’t you just get grocery delivery?’. And she said ‘I didn’t think you would mind.’ So I snapped and said ‘Obviously I [bleeping] mind. You and your kid just ate well over $800 worth of food in a [bleeping] week; $400 of it being mine, which you will be reimbursing me for. Maybe stop eating so damn much.” And I walk off.”

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The sister-in-law is accusing the woman of ‘fat-shaming’ her (Credit: Pexels)

Reddit users defend woman after clash with sister-in-law

The woman then continued. “Now she’s [bleeped] at me and crying wolf to anyone who will listen for me “fat shaming” her and her kid.”

Her fellow Reddit users were quick to show their support. “NTA [Not the a*****e]. She stole $400 from you, plain and simple. And yeah, $400 would be a MONTHLY budget per person, not weekly,” one user wrote.

“You wouldn’t react well if someone took $400 out of your purse which is kind of what has happened here. Eat less is good advice, it’s not your fault if she can’t handle it,” another said.

“NTA – I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be upset that someone ate your month’sredd worth of groceries in a week,” a third wrote.

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