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Woman under fire for kicking her daughter out after she failed to find a job: ‘You should be feeling shame’

Was she harsh for this?

A woman on Reddit has been slammed for kicking her daughter out after she failed to find a job.

Redditors were disgusted with the woman’s confession, with many saying that she should be feeling “shame” over her actions.

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A mum kicked her daughter out (Credit: Pexels)

Reddit: Woman kicks daughter out for not finding a job

A woman took to Reddit yesterday (Sunday, July 23) to make a shock confession. The woman revealed that she had kicked her daughter out after she failed to find a job after moving in. The woman made the confession in the “Am I The A*****e” subreddit.

“My daughter Amy (24F) graduated university a couple years ago and has had several part-time jobs since then,” she wrote.

“She would work for a few months, quit and look for another job that has better pay. At the end of last year, she asked if she could move in with us (both in our 40s) so she could save money and look for a job in the field she graduated in,” she then continued.

“That sounded good to us so we agreed. We did not expect any kind of rent or money from her at the time, simply that she would find a job.”

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The woman then continued. “However, it’s almost August and she has not found a job yet,” she said. She then said that she feels “tricked and lied to”, and would have expected her daughter to find a job by now.

“She has also never mentioned going to any interviews and it felt like she was lying to keep living here. Her field is one that is looking for more women to join the workforce. She has been living here for months to essentially do nothing,” she then said.

“So, I talked with my husband and we both agreed it would be best for her to live with her aunt/my husband’s sister as she works in the same industry as the one my daughter graduated in. Maybe she could learn some things that will help her get a job quicker,” she then continued.

However, the daughter isn’t happy with the latest development.

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The mother has been slammed for her decision (Credit: Pexels)

Reddit woman slammed by fellow users

The mother then went on to say that they have tried to contact her daughter, however, she won’t take their calls. The woman then asked if she was in the wrong for making the decision.

“YTA [You’re The A*****e]. You both made a lot of assumptions about her job search and kicked her out without even asking about the actual job search,” one Reddit user wrote.

“YTA – you tried to do what was best for you, not for your daughter. It is very difficult for young people to find good employment these days,” another said. “Rather than have empathy and support your daughter, you chose the role of authoritarian. It will likely be a while before you hear from her again.”

“All you did was make your daughter feel like a failure and piled even more stress onto her by pulling the rug out from under her. No wonder she’s not taking your calls, and I wouldn’t expect her to do so for quite a while,” a third wrote.

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