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Man slammed for ‘insensitive’ remark to his partner about her appearance on their wedding night

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A man on Reddit has been slammed for making an “insensitive” remark about his partner’s appearance on their wedding night.

The man was slammed by his fellow Redditors after uploading his confession to the “Am I The A*****e” subreddit.

Man looking disgusted
The man made a remark about his wife’s appearance (Credit: Pexels)

Reddit man makes ‘insensitive’ remark about partner on their wedding night

A man took to Reddit yesterday (Wednesday, July 26) to confess that he’d upset his wife on their wedding night.

“My 32M I’ve dating Sarah 29F for over 2 years. I love her to death and she means the world to me, also she is a person who is comfortable with her skin and doesn’t use a lot of makeup which I really adore about her and we always tell the truth to each other no matter what,” he explained.

“Yesterday, was our wedding and the moment I saw her there I was shocked. She used a huge amount of makeup that I barely recognized her without hearing her voice,” he then continued.

“She saw my facial expression that I was acting a little out of the ordinary and she asked me ‘what’s wrong?’ I told her that it’s nothing but she looked a little weird with all that makeup in her face,” he then said.

Man upsets wife on their wedding night

The man then continued. “She tried to laugh it off and started talking to her other friends. To be honest, at that moment I really didn’t think I said something wrong or anything especially [since] she didn’t say anything,” he then said.

“However, when we went home she started to give me the cold shoulder treatment. I told her what’s wrong and she said it’s nothing and she doesn’t feel well and she is tired etc,” he then continued.

“To be honest, I think she’s hiding something and that got me wondering if what I said may be the reason?” he then speculated.

Man and bride
The man’s wife gave him the ‘cold shoulder’ later (Credit: Pexels)

Man slammed by fellow Reddit users

The man’s fellow Reddit users were quick to slam him for his insensitive remark.

“On the one day above all days that a woman wants to feel beautiful, you told her she looked “weird”. Yes, it was what you said. Yes, YTA [You’re the a*****e]. I hope she tells you on your honeymoon that the sex is “disappointing” so you’ll have context for the self-esteem damage,” one user said.

“YTA. On the day she’s meant to feel beautiful and stunning and desirable to her new husband, you pulled a funny face and told her she looked weird. What a [bleep] start to a marriage. Poor Sarah,” another said.

“Just so you know, now when she thinks about y’alls wedding day, your stupid little comment is going to echo in her head. Why be rude when you can just be quiet? YTA,” a third fumed.

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