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Spanish plume tipped to hit the UK this week with hottest day since June predicted

Feeling hot, hot hot!

The Met Office has predicted the hottest day since June for the UK this week as the weather finally takes a turn for the better.

Summer has been a bit of a damp squib, with rain, thunder and lightening, high winds and not a lot of sun. However, according to the meteorologists at the Met Office, the mercury is set to rise this week.

Hopes of an Indian Summer have been fuelled by a Spanish plume that’s bringing unseasonably warm weather to our shores. And, happily, it shows no sign of letting up after we sign off from work on Friday and head into the weekend.

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Perhaps summer isn’t entirely over… (Credit: Pixabay)

Met Office weather forecasters deliver good news for sun lovers

The Met Office has predicted minimum temperatures of 28˚C across the UK from Monday (September 4), rising to highs in the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday. And the temperatures are set to stay high into the weekend. In fact, it’s predicted that the south east of England could reach 32˚C by the weekend.

Northern England and Scotland can also expect temperatures around the 30˚C mark. So perhaps it isn’t time to pack away your SPF and summer wardrobe just yet…

‘Heat event’ predicted

Met Office forecaster Jonathan Vautrey said earlier today (September 4): “You’ve got to go to the back end of June for the last time we had 32 degrees in the United Kingdom. Temperatures are looking like they will peak on Wednesday and Thursday. And that’s all because of how an area of high pressure is reorienting itself, shifting its way off the North Sea and continental Europe.”

He added that warm air will be dragged north from Spain and France by Wednesday or Thursday. This will add to the balmy temperatures. He went on: “Both daytime and night-time temperatures will be on the rise. So it is certainly a noticeable heat event as we head over the next few days.”

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