Baileys Fudge

Baileys Fudge is on sale in TK Maxx in a delicious Sea Salt Caramel flavour

The sweets are infused with the delicious Original Irish Cream

Baileys Fudge has been spotted on sale at TK Maxx and it’s a total bargain!

Here at ED!, we are HUGE fans of the Original Irish Cream liqueur.

We’ve enjoyed it in every single flavour on the market, and last week even licked on a Baileys Cornetto-style ice cream.

Now, however, a new find has us drooling.

Baileys Fudge is now available in Sea Salt Caramel flavour (Credit: Amazon)

Baileys Fudge has been around for a while, but this flavour is new to us – and it’s also cheaper than anywhere else the sweets are sold.

New Baileys Fudge flavour

Without further ado, let us introduce you to your new favourite sweet snack.

Baileys Sea Salt Caramel Fudge.

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Never have five words sounded so appetising!

Much to our delight, Instagram foodie Kev’s Snack Reviews posted a picture of the bag to his stories.

“The unique taste of original Baileys mixed with sea salt caramel fudge makes for a completely unforgettable taste,” the blurb states.

baileys fudge
The treats have been spotted on sale at TK Maxx (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

“Once you taste one, you will want the whole packet to yourself!” it added.

The 110g bag is on sale at TK Maxx branches for just £2.29.

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If you get it elsewhere, on Amazon, for example, you’ll be paying a pretty penny more than that.

While the fudge is priced at £2.67, delivery is huge and whacks up the cost.

You’ll be paying £2.67 plus £4.49 delivery – a whopping £7.16 in total!

Once you taste one, you will want the whole packet to yourself!

If you pop along to your local TK Maxx and have a rummage, you could pick up three bags and still have some pennies left over!

“Sweets for the big ones!” said one Baileys Fudge fan.

baileys fudge
The individually-wrapped sweets are perfect for big kids (Credit: Amazon)

“This is something special,” said another.

“Very delicious, just right for sweet tooth,” a third added.

Just like taking a sip of Baileys

Another Baileys fan revealed that it tastes just like taking a sip of the deliciously creamy liqueur.

“You have the impression of taking a sip of Bailey,” they said, before adding that perhaps the boozy sweets were “better suited for the evening”.

The fudge is flavoured with Baileys Original Irish Cream (Credit: Tesco)

That won’t stop us from tucking in all day every day though.

In our humble Baileys-loving opinion, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world!

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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