EastEnders' Sharon Watts looks steely faced (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Sharon’s back – just as the cafe floor caves in!

Will Linda keep it together?

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal Sharon finally (finally!) comes back to Walford. And her timing couldn’t be better for all the drama to kick off because there’s a crack in the floor of the cafe…

Meanwhile, Harvey and Dean are at war, but will Harvey manage to expose him?

And, Yolande is left uncomfortable after Pastor Clayton behaves inappropriately

EastEnders spoilers

This return spells trouble (Credit: BBC)

Sharon returns!

Linda is nursing yet another hangover in The Vic, but she’s soon interrupted by the return of Sharon. They head upstairs to talk and it’s clear Linda is on edge, worried Sharon is angry with her over what happened at Christmas.

When Sharon discovers the meat thermometer is missing, she is thrown into a panic. It’s made worse when she also finds out Johnny now knows everything about Christmas Day.

There’s chaos in The Vic a bit later on and Linda finds herself unexpectedly presented with the meat thermometer. She panics and immediately hides it again.

Sharon calls a crisis meeting of The Six in The Vic barrel store (where else?!) and all of them are relieved to hear Linda is back in possession of the murder weapon. Sharon agrees to dump it, however none of them have any idea what’s about to hit them…

The cafe floor caves in

Vinny is annoyed and shocked to hear there is a crack in the cafe floor. He tries to get an emergency builder to fix it. But it’s not long before disaster strikes and the floor caves in…

Will Harvey expose Dean? (Credit: BBC)

Harvey takes on Dean in EastEnders spoilers

Harvey organises an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. He also tells Eve he’s concerned about Jade. He then persuades Lily to invite Jade along to the egg hunt so he can keep an eye on her.

Harvey finds himself reassured that Jade is on the mend. However, Dean reacts badly when he finds out Jade is at No.31. Harvey is immediately suspicious, but what will he do about it?

Pastor Clayton is overly friendly (Credit: BBC)

Yolande put in an uncomfortable position

Yolande is having a difficult day after butting heads with Denzel and Agatha again. However she’s cheered when Denzel surprises her with a video call from Patrick.

Yolande then makes amends with Agatha and shares a food truck idea with Pastor Clayton. He thinks it’s a brilliant plan and gives her a hug to celebrate. However the embrace is overly tactile and Yolande is frozen in fear.

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