GMB’s Susanna Reid forced to overhaul lifestyle after being hospitalised: ‘Losing my voice was a bit of a scare’

She cut back on coffee, alcohol and carbs…

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GMB host Susanna Reid has opened up about the health scare that saw her taken to hospital earlier this year.

Susanna was forced off-air back in September as she recovered from losing her voice – something that pushed her to make a series of lifestyle changes.

Speaking in the February edition of Woman&Home, Susanna explained that she used to drink copious amounts of coffee to cope with her 3.45am alarm calls for Good Morning Britain.

Susanna Reid smiling in a black dress
GMB host Susanna Reid was taken ill earlier this year (Credit: Splash News)

GMB host Susanna Reid on health ‘scare’

She said: “The doctor was quite surprised that I don’t drink more water and that I drink quite a lot of coffee, so I have tried to cut down a bit. One morning we worked out that I had eight coffees. But I don’t drink the whole cup – I have a few sips. But I now try to intersperse it with ginger tea.”

Susanna added: “Losing my voice earlier this year was a bit of a scare. Everyone gets a bit croaky from time to time, but I could not get any noise out of my vocal cords and that’s never happened before. I went very quickly to see a specialist, who stuck a camera down my throat, for which I needed a nurse to hold my hand because I found it quite intrusive.”

She then added: “The specialist said maybe I had a virus that I didn’t realise I had. Unless we’re properly ill, we all carry on working, don’t we? I’m not doing anything to boost my immunity, and I should be,” she added.

Susanna’s weight loss

As a result, Susanna cut down on her alcohol intake and, after losing weight during the summer, is determined to stay in better shape.

She admitted she doesn’t know how much weight she’s lost but she feels “a bit better”.

Susanna said she also listen to advice offered by Eamonn Holmes. He once said that when you present breakfast TV it feels like you have “six breakfasts a day”. She explained that you’re awake for so much longer so you “end up eating more”. And she said she was loading up on the carbs – something she’s since reduced.

She said: “In the summer, when I wasn’t presenting Good Morning Britain, I said to myself: ‘You’re not getting up at 3.45am, so you can cut down on how much you’re consuming.’ As a result, I lost some of the weight that I’ve been hanging on to. Since going back to work, I’ve had to try not to fall back into the same habits. Essentially, it’s about not snacking. I’m trying, trying, trying not to.”

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