Talk Shows

To misquote Chas and Dave: “You won’t stop talking, please don’t ever give it a rest.”

Now it might not be entirely unfair to suggest we love a bit of a chat at Entertainment Daily!.

In fact, it is possibly very fair to say there would be a few local donkeys missing their back legs if there was a sanctuary in the vicinity, such is our fondness for a natter.

But when it comes to talk shows, some of our favourite hosts make us look like prattling amateurs.

For instance, can you imagine trying to get a word in edgeways with the likes of Piers Morgan or Graham Norton? Never going to happen. Ever. Never.

However, we certainly can keep you in the loop with all the happenings and who said whats from your (and ours) favourite TV talk shows.

Whether it be a slightly tipsy Hollywood star blurting out something they shouldn’t on The Graham Norton Show or a celebrity revelation on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories… you can be reassured you’ll be right in the thick of the conversation thanks to the coverage right here on Entertainment Daily!.

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