EastEnders: Freddie arrested for attempted murder, may exit show

Is Bobby leaving his role of Freddie?

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In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Wednesday, October 4), Freddie got arrested for attempted murder after his attack on Theo.

The police turned up and soon put the handcuffs on him before escorting him into a police car. Tonight, Freddie was bailed pending further investigation, but decided to leave to stay with his mum, Little mo.

But, with Freddie’s arrest for attempted murder airing, is Bobby Brazier leaving EastEnders?

EastEnders' Freddie is in handcuffs outside of the door
Freddie was arrested (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Freddie’s arrest

Last night in EastEnders, Freddie and Stacey tried to think of a way to help Freddie get let off lightly for his attack on Theo.

As Freddie feared that he was exactly like his dad, Stacey tried to help him calm down. Eve then turned up and quickly helped both Stacey and Freddie come up with a plan.

Stacey grabbed a wrench and placed it next to Theo as he stirred. They then all thought of a story in which Freddie hit Theo with the iron in self defence.

As the police turned up they soon arrested Freddie for attempted murder though as they put him in handcuffs.

Freddie was petrified as he was escorted into a police car, fearing that he’d go to prison.

EastEnders' Freddie Slater smiles as he's driven away in a taxi
Freddie left to stay with Little Mo (Credit: BBC)

Exit airs for Freddie Slater

On Thursday night, viewers watched Freddie get in a muddle as he was interviewed by police. Super lawyer Richie Scott was there to represent him (perks of your aunty being married to Phil Mitchell!).

As he has ADHD Freddie was allowed an appropriate adult to help him in the interview room. He chose Jean, but doubted if she was the right person for the job.

However she was there for him and fought his corner. Freddie was then bailed pending further investigation.

Knowing the truth of what really happened, Jean told Freddie he was better leaving Walford to stay with his mum. Freddie took her advice and Harvey drove him away in his taxi.

But as he pulled out of the Square Jack told the Slaters Theo was awake and his story contradicted their accounts.

So what does this mean for Freddie’s future? Will he ever be able to return to Walford? Or will he go down?

EastEnders' Bobby Brazier is smiling at an awards ceremony
Bobby is taking a break from the soap (Credit:

Is Bobby Brazier leaving EastEnders as Freddie Slater?

After Freddie’s arrest, fans may be fearing that Freddie will go down for attempted murder.

At the moment, Bobby Brazier is currently wowing everyone in the Strictly ballroom as he competes on this year’s series of the hit dance competition.

But, does this mean that Bobby Brazier is leaving EastEnders? Is Freddie leaving Walford?

Well, Bobby Brazier has confirmed that he is taking a break from the soap as he focuses on his dance moves.

In September, speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Bobby confirmed a temporary exit from the BBC soap, admitting: “I’m taking a break. I’ve filmed it all, and I’m not telling you. I’ll be back.”

But, what will this mean for Freddie? Will he end up going to prison for his attack on Theo? And just how long will he be gone for? Is there any way Freddie can get away with this?

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