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EastEnders spoilers: The Six scramble to save their skins as Linda makes a decision to free Sharon

Linda leaps into action

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Our EastEnders spoilers reveal that The Six are left panicked when Linda takes action in freeing Sharon from police custody.

With Sharon in the frame for Keanu’s murder, Linda is determined to help her friend. Worried about how Sharon’s arrest will hurt them, the other members of The Six are forced into action.

But can Linda save Sharon’s skin – and stop the other women before they do something rash?

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this story in full below.

Johnny on EastEnders
Johnny tries his best to get Sharon off the hook (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: The Six plot to save their skin

With Sharon having spent the night at the police station, Johnny steps in to represent her. In police questioning, Sharon continues to stick to her version of events.

However, she and Johnny are stopped in their tracks when the detective in charge offers up new evidence.

Back on Albert Square, Johnny gathers the other members of The Six before the police re-question them all. Later, when he arrives home without Sharon, Kathy and Suki reveal a new plan.

What will they do next?

Suki and Kathy on EastEnders
Suki and Kathy plot to save The Six (Credit: BBC)

Linda puts a plan into action

Linda reels when Johnny tells her about the women’s new plan for the murder weapon. He vows to sort it by getting Sharon released from police custody.

Later, Linda drinks in the barrel store. George comforts her as she makes a decision about her future.

What will she do next?

Linda and Johnny on EastEnders
Linda is determined to save Sharon (Credit: BBC)

As the women tell a horrified Denise about their new plan, they are interrupted by Phil. Then, Linda summons the women to The Vic to speak with them all.

Later on, Linda tells the police a made-up story. But can she hold her nerve when the police ask her why she originally withheld this information?

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