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EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as Zack leaves Whitney and kisses Lauren!

They've been visiting Bianca in Milton Keynes

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal what’s been going on for Zack and Whitney in Milton Keynes. She has become obsessed with rescuing a young girl and Zack’s had enough.

As he returns to Walford alone and confides in Lauren, he ends up kissing her. Will Whitney find out? And is this the beginning of the end for them?

Also, Sonia is struggling with her fertility issues as her yearning for a baby grows. And Denzel turns to drugs to help him bulk up.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Whitney finds trouble in Milton Keynes

Monday’s episode takes place across five weeks and sees Whitney and Zack arrive in Milton Keynes. They are immediately met with a frosty reception from some local children named Britney and Taylor.

Whitney reunites with Bianca and tells her she is pregnant. But she asks B not to tell Sonia she’s expecting a baby.

When Britney and Taylor join the family for dinner, Whitney bonds with with Britney.

2. Whitney hit by a car

Whitney becomes concerned for Britney when she finds her rifling through the bins for food. Bianca then reveals Britney’s mum Keeley struggles with a drug addiction.

As Whitney grows more concerned for Britney, she has a showdown with Keeley. When Britney runs off and steps in front of a speeding car, Whitney pushes her out of the way and gets hit. She is left lying half-conscious in the road.

3. Is the baby okay?

Whitney is rushed to hospital and Zack, Sonia and Bianca wait to find out if the baby is okay. They are relieved to hear that the baby is fine.

4. Zack leaves Whitney

Whitney is discharged and they arrive home in time to see Keeley being arrested. Britney goes missing and Whitney insists on searching for the girl.

Zack finds her, but things get tense when Whitney tells the social worker she’ll look after Britney until they can make other plans. Zack is furious and decides to go home to Walford without Whitney.

5. Zack kisses Lauren

Sonia is fuming when she sees Zack has left Whitney behind. Meanwhile, Lauren is stunned to hear about Whitney’s pregnancy and the accident.

Lauren calls Whitney to plead Zack’s case, but she’s determined to stay in Milton Keynes. A drunk Zack later misreads the situation and kisses Lauren.

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6. Sonia’s desperate for a baby

Sonia steps in to help look after baby Charli. But as she looks at her, it’s clear her desire for a baby of her own is starting to overwhelm her.

Sonia soon confesses to Reiss how much she’s struggling, especially now she knows Whitney is pregnant. Reiss’s suggestion she journal her feelings doesn’t hit the right note, however.

7. Cindy pleads with George

Cindy wants George to tell Gina and Anna the truth about his ancestry. However when Gina books tickets to visit Jamaica and says she’s paid five grand for them, George is torn.

8. Drug hell for Denzel

A popular fitness influencer wants to collaborate with Denzel so Nugget videos him. Nugget them posts it without Denzel’s knowledge and he is left upset by the negative comments about his physique.

Soon Denzel lies to Yolande asking for money for a school trip. She is suspicious, but has no idea he’s using the cash to buy steroids.

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