Kathy looking calculating on EastEnders against soap logo and background (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

EastEnders: Kathy stole The Six’s murder weapon, fans spot ‘clue’

Does Kathy know more than she's letting on?

Fans of EastEnders have begun to theorise that Kathy Beale has stolen the Six’s missing murder weapon.

It was revealed recently that the meat thermometer used to stab Keanu to death has since disappeared from its hiding place in Linda Carter’s bedroom. This was discovered by son Johnny, who raised the alarm.

But who has the weapon?

Some suspect that Kathy may know more than she has been letting on (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict Kathy is hiding the weapon

Writing on Reddit, one fan suggested that Kathy is the most likely candidate to have stolen the blade.

“Kathy was the one who firmly stopped [Denise] from getting the necklace. She was also the one who made the plea about how much the other women had sacrificed which got the other women to side against Denise,” this fan wrote.

“She’s been subtly pushing characters on certain paths. There’s a sense of calculation and coldness to Kathy, as well as her being a bit more emotionally manipulative than the rest and doing a lot behind the scenes, so to speak,” they continued, speculating that Kathy’s sudden change in nature could hint at her having stolen the weapon.

EastEnders Kathy Beale
Has Kathy been secretly manipulating The Six to save her own bacon? (Credit: BBC)

‘She has turned into a total [bleep] lately,’ say fans

“I think it’s Kathy from the stare that Johnny gave her. She has turned into a total [bleep] lately,” agreed another fan in the comments below.

“The episode she could have taken it in was Feb 9, when Linda slapped her in the face. Linda leaves to find her family… I believe that’s when Kathy looks underneath the bed and finds and takes the murder weapon,” a third added.

“What if Kathy took the knife… referencing her chopping the roses in the trailer?” asked another, via X, referencing an earlier promotional trailer for the storyline.

Could Kathy have taken the murder weapon? And if so, what does she have planned?

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