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EastEnders fans praise ‘magnificent’ Diane Parish amid Denise’s breakdown

The actor impressed fans this week

Fans of EastEnders have heaped praise upon star Diane Parish following her ‘magnificent’ performance as embattled Denise Fox this week.

Recent scenes on the soap saw Denise spiral out of control after being part of the murder and subsequent cover-up of Keanu over Christmas. His body was hidden by Denise and The Six but, due to an unfortunate chain of events, was buried with Denise’s necklace.

Denise looking worried on EastEnders
Recent events have taken their toll on poor Denise (Credit: BBC)

Denise crumbles as pressure builds for The Six

Already in a fractured state, and with the jewellery linking her to the crime, Denise began to spiral out of control. This week’s episodes followed Denise as she struggled to keep a hold of her faculties – seeing visions of both Keanu and Johnny Carter, who has recently learned what The Six did – and will do anything to protect his mum.

Paranoid and unable to tell nightmare from reality, Denise fled Walford with stepdaughter Amy. After finding her terrified and alone in the woods, Jack brought Denise home, where she was then hospitalised by concerned mental health workers.

Denise talks to Jack on EastEnders
Fans have highlighted Diane’s performance as Denise (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan heap praise on Diane Parish’s Denise

Writing as the latest episode aired last night (Thursday, February 22), a number of fans joined a chorus of appreciation for Diane Parish‘s performance as Denise.

“Anyway if Diane Parish doesn’t get at least one award for this I’ll be annoyed – she has been absolutely phenomenal beyond words,” wrote one fan.

“I’m pleased to see Diane Parish getting the recognition she deserves on Twitter, for her accurate and extremely harrowing portrayal of a breakdown into psychosis. This whole performance could easily have been toe-curling, but it rang as totally authentic throughout,” said another.

Denise talking to Amy and Ricky on EastEnders
Denise disappeared into the woods with Amy (Credit: BBC)

“Diane Parish is always incredible but what a stunning, heartbreaking performance. Ugh. Diane played what could’ve been OTT with such care, nuance, delivering so many different layers, emotion and nonverbal expression,” agreed a third.

“The last two eps of EastEnders are magnificent. Diane Parish plays Denise’s psychosis and paranoia perfectly. It was chilling and deeply affecting to watch and some of the best acting I’ve ever seen on EE. EE continues to astound me with its intricate storylines, writing and raising awareness of MH,” added a fourth.

Denise’s story will continue on the soap next week.

Can she get the help she needs… before she implicates The Six completely in their crime?

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