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EastEnders fans baffled as Jack ‘rewrites’ his own history

Jack made himself seem like Mr Perfect

Last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday April 18, 2023) saw Denise tell Jack all about her affair with Ravi.

This came after Denise found Amy passed out after drinking alcohol, realising that the affair was the reason that Amy was self-medicating.

Now, EastEnders fans have been left baffled as Jack has ‘rewritten’ his own history to make himself seem innocent in comparison to Denise.

EastEnders' Denise looks guilty
Denise told the truth (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Denise exposed her affair to Jack

Last night, Denise told Jack about her affair with Ravi after realising that Amy had been drinking again after finding out her secret. Denise explained that she had kissed Ravi a few times as she was feeling so lonely whilst Jack was busy dealing with the kids’ problems.

Jack then responded saying that he had also been feeling lonely but he hadn’t used that as an excuse to cheat on Denise.

Denise then revealed that Ravi had been blackmailing her, begging Jack to give her another chance and work things through.

However, Jack soon went off to confront Ravi and interrupted Nish’s birthday party to expose Ravi to his family. The two then fought it out outside.

EastEnders' Denise and Jack are arguing
Jack isn’t quite the saint he makes out to be (Credit: BBC)

Fans baffled as Jack rewrites his own history

EastEnders fans have been left baffled after watching Jack ‘rewrite’ his own history, making out as though he would never cheat.

They’ve pointed out that Jack had forgotten about his kiss with Sam and that he once cheated on Ronnie with her sister, Roxy.

One fan pointed out: “Yeah Denise, did Jack go off and have a bunk up when he was feeling down and lonely, eh, did he, did he? He did actually with his ex Sam Mitchell but now he takes the moral high ground.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Jack seems to have forgotten about all the times he cheated on; Selina (ex wife), Ronnie, Roxy and Sam. Not nice when the shoe is on the other foot…”

A third person noted: “Jack is forgetting that he got drunk and kissed Sam – remember Denzel caught him on camera. So Jack don’t call yourself the saint.”

Things are still too raw for Jack (Credit: BBC)

Will Denise and Jack forgive and forget?

Next week’s EastEnders spoilers reveal that Amy does her best to get her family back together again by inviting Jack and Denise to her school counselling session.

However, Jack makes it clear that he doesn’t want to go to a family therapy session. But, will he eventually be able to forgive Denise and move on from the affair?

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