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EastEnders: Bobby doesn’t die after cafe explosion leaving fans confused

Bobby, Peter and Rocky are in hospital after the fire

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Bobby Beale in EastEnders was involved in an explosion at the cafe last night (Thursday November 9). He ended up in intensive care along with his brother Peter and step-grandad Rocky Cotton.

However fans have been left totally confused by the fact Bobby isn’t dead. He was right by the fuse box when the whole place went up.

So just how did he survive?

Bobby looking at fire in EastEnders, scared
Bobby managed to put out the fire, but then caused an explosion! (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders airs Bobby Beale drama

Viewers of the soap know Rocky Cotton is in huge amounts of debt. He owes Nish Panesar a large sum of money and also has a gambling problem to boot.

Unable to solve his issues and raise the cash, Rocky came up with a desperate idea to set fire to the cafe and claim on the insurance.

Best pal Harvey thought he’d managed to talk Rocky out of it, but sadly Rocky saw no other way. Leaving wife Kathy waiting for him in Walford East for a romantic meal for two, Rocky sparked a fire. He thought he could blame it on the dodgy electrics as he knew they were common knowledge around the Square.

Bobby Beale was walking past when he saw the flames and rushed in. He managed to put the small fire out using the extinguishers.

But as he started to clean up, he couldn’t see anything, so went to the fuse box to switch the lights on. The moment he did, the whole place exploded.

Peter and Rocky, realising Bobby was inside, rushed in to save him. They found him trapped, but then Peter’s leg got stuck and the roof collapsed, knocking them out.

The fire brigade brought all three out alive. However, in hospital, Rocky was the only one who came round. Both Bobby and Peter are in intensive care, with Peter on a ventilator. Kathy revealed they didn’t know if her grandsons were going to make it.

EastEnders' Rocky lies in a hospital bed looking guilty
Rocky knows he caused the fire (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans react

Those watching at home were a little bit confused over how Bobby even made it to hospital alive. The explosion was so big and so strong, it surely would have killed him outright?

“I can’t think how Bobby survived an explosion like that,” wrote one on social media. Another agreed: “Realistically Bobby would have died instantly from that fire/smoke and explosion.”

“So far fetched Bobby would have never survived that explosion and how is Peter on a ventilator and not Bobby when he would have taken full impact?” questioned one more.

Someone else said: “If Bobby survives the explosion I’d be shocked! It would be so unbelievable!.”

“Not that I want Bobby to be seriously harmed, but how was he not killed outright after being in the centre of that explosion? People in soaps are just tougher I guess!” said one more.

EastEnders: Bobby unconscious as he's carried out of the fire
EastEnders has stretched logic a little with Bobby Beale’s survival (Credit: BBC)

How did Bobby get there?

Others were confused as to how Bobby ended up on the other side of the cafe. They felt he would have been blown through the windows when the explosion went off.

“How did Bobby end up at the other side of cafe when he was at the front? Would he not be there or go through window with the explosion?” asked one.

Another added: “Don’t you think it was strange that the windows blew out but Bobby didn’t…he landed inside against the wall…”

“How did Bobby get from where the fuse box is to where he was laid?” questioned someone else.

A further commenter said: “Surely he should’ve either flown out the window next to where he was stood or back by the door. Now it looks like he was blown over the counter towards the blast then again over the serving part.”

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