EastEnders' Bernie, and in a bubble is Keanu

EastEnders: Bernie finding Keanu’s body was ‘cruel,’ fans complain

Of course it had to be Bernie who found him

Over on EastEnders last night (Wednesday, April 3), Bernie got drunk and decided to head to the café to get her hands on some chips.

However, once inside, Bernie then stumbled across Keanu’s body and let out a whole scream. Although, she didn’t know that the body was that of her brother’s.

EastEnders fans have now complained that these haunting scenes were uncalled for. The wrong person found the body.

EastEnders' Bernie and Alfie are looking down in horror
Bernie got the fright of her life (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Bernie found Keanu’s body

Yesterday evening in Walford, Bernie turned to drink after realising that she’d be out of work for a week or so whilst the café floor was being repaired.

She then bumped into Alfie and started being sick outside in the bins. Suddenly having the urge to eat some chips, Bernie then told Alfie to come to the café as there was good food there just going to waste.

Bernie had no idea that Jack was currently in the café trying to retrieve Denise’s necklace, having found out about Keanu’s body.

With Jack hiding, Bernie and Alfie entered the building and took a look at the caved floor. Being disgusted by the smell, Bernie then let out a huge scream as she saw the dead body.

EastEnders' Bernie and Alife look horrified
Fans feel sorry for Bernie (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans horrified by Bernie café discovery

With Bernie being the one to find her brother’s body, fans have slammed the soap for this decision in the storyline. They feel awful for her and wish that someone else could’ve found Keanu instead.

One fan commented: “The writers are cruel for making Bernie discover her brother’s body.”

Another fan added: “Bernie being the one to find the body is cold man & once she’s told it’s Keanu it’s gonna be even worse, our poor Bernie.”

A final person finished: “Really grim making it Bernie who finds the body – should have been Vinny. She’ll be heartbroken.”

The police swarm the Square (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: What’s next after Bernie’s huge discovery?

After Bernie’s discovery, it isn’t long before the police turn up and start questioning ‘The Six.’

Next week’s EastEnders spoilers show that Sharon gets arrested after being questioned. ‘The Six’ then try to think of a new plan to get themselves out of the mess.

Bernie then leaves Walford to tell Karen the news that Keanu has been identified as the body. But, what will become of ‘The Six’ after this grim discovery?

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EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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