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EastEnders to air second murder flashforward that sees Nish die, a new fan theory predicts

Is history about to repeat itself?

An all-new EastEnders fan theory has predicted that the soap could air a second murder flashforward following the death of Keanu Taylor on Christmas Day last year.

Heavily teased throughout the year, EastEnders year-long mystery saw Keanu murdered by Linda Carter and ‘The Six’ after a violent altercation.

EastEnders' 'The Six' are raising a glass in The Vic
A shocking flash-forward set up the events of 2023 (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

This came after Keanu walked in on the aftermath of their attack on Nish Panesar – in which he lay unconscious, thought dead. Watching as Keanu attempted to strangle Sharon, Linda defended her friend by stabbing Keanu.

The women then covered up the crime by stashing his body in the ruins of the café. They then blamed Nish’s injuries on Keanu, who they claim fled after the attack. But, is there more to come?

EastEnders' Keanu is in The Vic, sweating
Keanu was killed on Christmas after a year-long whodunnit (Credit: BBC)

What’s next for EastEnders as ‘The Six’ reel from Keanu’s death?

With Nish now out of his coma and Keanu’s body buried under the freshly renovated floor of the café, many have been left wondering what’s next for EastEnders and the members of ‘The Six.’

With Sharon having fled the country, Linda lapsed into alcoholism and Denise rapidly unravelling, it seems that the women won’t be able to hold their secret together for much longer.

But, where will it all end? Could another shocking flash-forward be in EastEnders’ future?

Nish in The Vic on Christmas in EastEnders
Nish survived the events of Christmas Day… but is he living on borrowed time? (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

EastEnders fan theory: Is a second flashforward in the works?

Speaking on a TikTok post, one fan posited that the BBC may attempt to repeat the success of last year with another flash-forward.

And this time, Nish might not be so lucky.

The TikTok user Owen Lawrence suggested: “What if we get a flash-forward to February next year and Suki is standing over Nish’s dead body in the café?”

He continued: “And this leads us to the whodunnit story for the 40th anniversary of EastEnders and also ties in with the conclusion of Keanu’s death because the police will have to investigate and they might dig up the floor or something…

“Something’s going to lead to Keanu’s body being found. Somehow that floor is getting ripped up, and it could be this story.”

Is there any credence to this fan theory?

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