Sergeant Catherine Cawood and Queen Camilla smiling

Happy Valley fans rejoice over Queen Consort Camilla’s confession as she meets Sarah Lancashire

She even asked if the show would return for another series...

Queen Consort Camilla met Sarah Lancashire today and appeared to be a big fan!

Happy Valley fans were left rejoicing over Camilla’s meeting with the Catherine Cawood actress.

The Queen Consort even asked the star if Happy Valley will return for a fourth series.

Queen Camilla smiles at event in November 2022
Camilla, the Queen Consort, hinted she’s a big Happy Valley fan (Credit: Splash News)

Queen Consort Camilla a fan of Happy Valley?

Queen Consort Camilla beamed with excitement as she met Sarah Lancashire, who just finished starring in Happy Valley earlier this year.

The BBC drama ended with a third and final series, as Sergeant Catherine Cawood finally retired as her enemy, Tommy Lee Royce, died.

In a video from the Daily Mail, Camilla asked if the show was returning for a fourth series, but Sarah confirmed the Sally Wainwright series would not return.

Sarah added: “It’s the right thing to do. We just can’t keep doing it.”

She admitted it was an “emotional” project to work on.

When Camilla asked what Sarah was doing next, she said: “Well at the moment, I’ve just started to produce.”

Sergeant Catherine Cawood smiles in Happy Valley
Sarah Lancashire recently starred in the third and final series of Happy Valley (Credit: BBC)

Camilla admits the finale was ‘traumatic’ to Sarah Lancashire

The Queen Consort also reportedly admitted she found the Happy Valley finale “traumatic”.

Sarah Lancashire laughed: “Well, thank you very much indeed. I’m amazed you found time to watch.”

I love that Camilla loved Happy Valley

Fans adored the interaction as they discovered Camilla is a Happy Valley fan.

One fan wrote: “Ah, I love that Camilla loved Happy Valley!”

Another fan added: “Fab of the Queen Consort to spend some time expressing herself as a fan and interest in Sarah’s work.”

A third person wrote: “I love this! And how kind and easy Camilla is with Sarah.”

A fourth fan said: “Two amazing ladies!”

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Happy Valley series 1-3 are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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