Princess Anne ‘may be on brink of burnout’ amid ‘deep concern’ from expert: ‘We urge other royals to get involved’

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Anne, Princess Royal, could be “on brink of burnout” due to the amount of royal family duties she takes part in, it has been claimed.

According to wellbeing experts at GoSmokeFree, King Charles’ sister has been undertaking 70% of all royal engagements.

In recent months, the royals have faced both Charles and the Princess of Wales having lower profiles. The monarch has been receiving cancer treatment, while Princess Kate has been recovering from reported abdominal surgery since January.

And it seems the Princess Royal has been stepping up in the meantime. But can Anne’s pace continue at the same rate, particularly if the King and Kate don’t return to their day jobs in the near future? Recent reports have claimed Charles hopes to attend Trooping the Colour in June as a ‘top priority’, while Kate has been tipped to appear in public again after the Easter holidays.

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Is Princess Anne ‘on brink of burnout’? She attended the racing at the Cheltenham Festival earlier this month (Credit:

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Analysing the royals’ diary of engagements going forward until May, Anne will reportedly fulfil 55 of the 78 public appearances over eight weeks.

Previous data from the summer of 2022 suggested she worked around 50% of all royal engagements at that point.

Furthermore, she will attend five events in a single day in the next couple of months, as well as travelling to Scotland next week.

The Duchess of Edinburgh is regarded as the second ‘hardest-working royal’, taking on 16.7% of royal engagements.

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Princess Anne has played an increasingly prominent royal role following the passing of her mother (Credit:

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A wellbeing spokesperson from the online retailer called on other royal family members to ‘do their bit’.

They commented: “Since both the King and the Princess of Wales have been dealing with health issues lately, their partners also seem to have taken a step back from the public eye. For some unknown reason, this has left Princess Anne to do most of the heavy lifting.

“While Her Royal Highness is well known for being the hardest-working royal, we are deeply concerned for her wellbeing. We worry Princess Anne may be on the brink of burnout. While we are confident HRH serves her country tirelessly with unmatched dedication, we urge other royals to get involved to balance the workload.”

This has left Princess Anne to do most of the heavy lifting.

The spokesperson went on: “Burnout is a subdued and serious wellbeing concern. It affects those who become physically or mentally exhausted due to working beyond their already overstretched abilities. Sufferers are typically exemplary workers. They often feel like they’ve no option but to pick up the slack for the greater good.

“They usually cannot spot any related symptoms. These can include headaches, sleeping problems, muscle pain, memory loss or even less obvious emotional and behavioural symptoms. And so it is necessary to proactively take action before burnout settles in with more damaging consequences to physical and mental health.”

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