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Bobby Beale’s journey in EastEnders: From family ties to Lucy’s murder mystery

He's coming to terms with his crimes

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Bobby Beale in EastEnders is a member of the iconic Beale family, who have been a vital part of the show since it first began.

He’s the son of Ian Beale, and grandson of Kathy Beale. He is brother to Peter Beale – and the late Lucy Beale – and Ben Mitchell is his uncle.

Grandmother Kathy has been very supportive of Bobby (Credit: BBC)

Bobby’s mum was Laura Beale but after she died, he was adopted by his stepmum Jane Beale, who he adores.

Who plays Bobby Beale in EastEnders?

Bobby Beale has been played by five different actors. He was played first by Kevin Curran, followed by Alex Francis and Rory Stroud.

Eliot Carington took over the role in 2014 for the aftermath of the Who Killed Lucy Beale mystery. He stayed in the show until 2017, when Bobby returned to the Square played by Clay Milner Russell.

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Clay’s a newcomer to the showbiz world, with his only other acting credit in a film called County Lines.

Bobby Beale in EastEnders’ early years

Bobby’s parents, Laura and Ian, had broken up by the time he was born and Ian flat-out denied he could be the tot’s dad.

Ian had a vasectomy around the time Laura got pregnant and he was convinced that meant the real dad was Laura’s new fella, Gary Hobbs.

Bobby is Ian’s son, even though Ian doubted it at first (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Laura found out the truth when Bobby needed a blood transfusion, and put Ian on her son’s birth certificate. But Ian only discovered he was Bobby’s dad after Laura’s death. He took the little boy in and his wife Jane began to see Bobby as her own. In fact, she loved him so much she adopted him and he considers her his real mum.

Who killed Lucy Beale?

When Lucy Beale was murdered in April 2014, it kicked off one of the longest running, most talked-about whodunnits in soap.

Everyone in Albert Square was a suspect, with viewers coming up with all sorts of theories about who struck the fatal blow.

Lucy Beale EastEnders
Lucy Beale was killed by her brother (Credit: BBC)

But during the live episode for EastEnders’ 30th anniversary, in February 2015, Bobby was revealed as the murderer.

He’d struck Lucy with a music box, and then gone to mum Jane, begging her to help him. Jane managed to convince the lad that it wasn’t his fault that Lucy died. She even let Max Branning go to prison for the murder, knowing he wasn’t to blame. Later, though, Bobby discovered the truth.

Bobby struggled to come to terms with his crime, and had some angry outbursts. Eventually, the guilt proved too much for Bobby, and he pushed his mum down the stairs and left her for dead. Little Bobby went to the packed Queen Vic and confessed to killing his sister in front of the drinkers who were celebrating Martin and Stacey’s wedding.

Bobby Beale EastEnders
Bobby confessed in the packed pub (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

He was sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution.

Bobby’s return

Ian wasn’t keen on his son coming home to Walford when he was released from prison, but Kathy – Bobby’s grandmother – talked him into making him welcome.

It wasn’t an easy homecoming. Lucy’s twin brother, Peter, wasn’t happy to see Bobby, and Ian struggled too.

Bobby has converted to Islam (Credit: BBC)

Bobby himself suffered from mental health problems and began having hallucinations of Lucy. He even almost died when he followed a vision of his sister into a railway tunnel. Thankfully, Callum Highway saved the troubled teenager (though he missed his first date with Bobby’s uncle, Ben Mitchell because of his rescue efforts!).

Bobby Beale Lucy Beale ghost
Bobby thought he saw his sister Lucy (Credit: BBC/BBC iPlayer)

While he was in prison, Bobby learned about Islam and he converted to become a Muslim. HIs religion has stayed an important part of his life, and he has grown close to Iqra Ahmed, who has supported him.

Bobby and Dana

Bobby’s romance with Dana Monroe was going great, with the cute pair even spending the night together.

But Bobby had been lying to Dana, trying to make himself sound more important than he was (he’s definitely a chip off that old Beale block) and not mentioning his killer secret.

Things were going great with Bobby and Dana until he fessed up to fibbing (Credit: BBC)

Once they’d slept together though, he felt bad, and decided to spill the beans. Not surprisingly, Dana was horrified and scarpered. Though Bobby is keen to make up, we’re not sure there’s any happy ever after for this pair. And the news that Dana’s dad will soon be coming to Walford too might spell trouble for poor Bobby.

Will his broken heart mend any time soon?

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