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EastEnders’ Lily Slater faces pregnancy at 12, family support detailed

Lily is expecting a baby aged just 12

EastEnders tween Lily Slater has just discovered she is pregnant at just 12-years-old.

As Lily faces up to her future and tries to work out what’s best to do, it’s clear she is scared.

It’s a good job she’s got a supportive family around her. But who are her parents?

When was Lily born? And who plays her?

Here’s everything we know about Lily Slater in EastEnders.

Things have got very upsetting for Lily (Credit: BBC)

Who is Lily Slater in EastEnders? Who is her father?

Lily Slater in EastEnders is the eldest child of Stacey Slater.

She was conceived in September 2009 when Stacey stopped taking her bioplar medication.

The identity of Lily’s dad was unknown for quite some time after Stacey’s irrational behaviour saw her sleep with numerous men. She was also raped by Archie Mitchell.

Stacey’s partner Bradley had vowed to raise the baby as his own, but after Bradley died Stacey discovered who had really fathered Lily.

Stacey had believed it to be Archie after the rape, but his daughter Ronnie told her that Archie was sterile due to cancer treatment.

It meant Ryan Malloy, Whitney Dean’s brother, was the dad.

When he found out, Ryan didn’t want anything to do with Lily. But eventually he supported both Stacey and his child.

However Ryan ended up going on the run and was forced to leave his daughter behind.

Stacey and Lily also left Walford, but when Lily returned she was four-years-old and didn’t know about her dad. Whitney filled her in and Stacey allowed Whitney to play a part in her niece’s life.

Martin is the closest thing to a father Lily has (Credit: BBC)

What is Martin Fowler’s relationship to Lily?

Martin and Stacey began dating and Stacey quickly fell pregnant.

Martin told her to get an abortion as he didn’t want any more kids, however, when Stacey said she was keeping it and would bring the baby up with or without Martin, he committed to their family.

As the couple settled down, Martin became a father figure to Lily and is the person she knows as her dad.

Lily’s brother Arthur was born in 2015, but it turned out Martin wasn’t the dad, Kush Kazemi was.

However, Martin still treated Arthur like a son.

Martin and Stacey went on to have Hope in 2017.

EastEnders Stacey is concerned about Lily
Lily really struggled with Jean’s bipolar episode (Credit: BBC)

Lily’s storylines

The first big storyline for Lily came when she grew jealous of her brother, Arthur, and hurt him, telling Carmel Kazemi Stacey had done it.

Carmel had the children taken away by social services.

But Lily owned up and she and Arthur were allowed home.

Lily’s next big story came when Stacey was sent to prison for assualting Ruby Allen, although she was innocent. Lily moved in with Ruby and Martin and gave Ruby hell.

Last year, when Jean had a bipolar episode, Lily became frightened. She was scared she would also develop the illness.

She began taking Jean’s lithium tablets, convinced she was also bipolar. Stacey soon found out and took her to hospital to have her stomach pumped.

Ricky Jr is the father of Lily’s baby after they slept together once (Credit: BBC)

Who is the father of Lily Slater’s baby in EastEnders?

Lily is now at the centre of one of the year’s biggest plots as she is pregnant at just 12-years-old.

It has been revealed the father is Ricky Junior, Jack Branning and Sam Mitchell’s son. Ricky is also 12.

Despite hints Lily had been abused, she confessed the truth to mum Stacey and nan Jean, explaining they only slept together once and aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

Lily was determined Ricky wasn’t to know, but now the secret is out.

Martin has figured out the truth and threatened Lily with the police.

Lily has now confessed to Ricky and all hell has broken loose.

With Lily wanting to keep the baby, what’s next for the Slaters and the Brannings?

EastEnders' Lily is looking shocked in hospital
12-year-old Lily is pregnant (Credit: BBC)

Who plays Lily Slater in EastEnders?

Lily is played by Lilia Turner.

When Lily was first born in 2010, Alfie Duncan, Poppy Crake and Kennady Lacy-Breckenridge played baby Lily.

Aine Garvey took over the role in 2014 and played Lily until 2019.

From 2020 until the present Lilia has played Lily.

How old is Lilia Turner in real life?

In real life Lilia is 13 years old.

This makes her just one year older than her character.

Lacey Turner smiles dressed in all black
Lacey Turner is very proud of her on-screen daughter (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Is Lilia Turner related to Lacey Turner?

Although they play mother and daughter on screen, look alike, and have the same surname in real life, Lilia and Lacey are not related.

Lacey does have a sister called Lily, who appeared in EastEnders between 2011 and 2012. And Lacey’s other sister, Daisy, was in Hollyoaks for a short spell in 2011.

Despite the fact they’re not related, Lacey is very proud of Lilia.

She told Digital Spy: “Lilia is such a great little actress – there’s something about her that is so warm and so natural, and her instincts are just bang-on.

“She’s been so desperate for a storyline of her own for so many years, so to see her have one is lovely.

“To watch her absolutely nail it has just been brilliant.

“I’ve tried to stay out of it as much as I can because Lilia actually doesn’t need any help, tips or guidance because she’s just great. She’s got something that is so natural that I don’t want to take that away from her.”

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