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EastEnders: ‘The Six’ to murder Karen as she returns to Walford, a new fan theory predicts

Will they bump off Keanu's mum too?

Last night in EastEnders (Monday, February 5), Karen Taylor made a dramatic comeback to Walford to find her son, Keanu.

She turned up just as Nish was unveiling the café reopening, soon starting a public argument with Phil.

Now, an EastEnders fan theory predicts that ‘The Six’ will murder Karen just like they did her son.

Karen wants to find her son (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Karen made a comeback

Near the end of 2023, Karen Taylor left Walford after Phil found out that she’d staged Albie’s kidnapping and had taken his £50k.

After her exit, Keanu Taylor was killed on Christmas Day after Linda stabbed him with a carving fork. She’d been protecting Sharon from being strangled by Keanu.

‘The Six’ then buried Keanu’s body in the café, although they’ve been struggling to cope with their crimes.

Yesterday, Karen surprised everyone by turning up on the day of the café re-opening. She soon came face to face with Phil as she strived to know where her son was.

Karen’s searching for answers (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: ‘The Six’ to murder Karen?

Karen has returned and has many questions that she wants answering as to Keanu’s whereabouts.

With Karen back, ‘The Six’ face their covers being blown. Unless they kill Karen before she can dob them in to the cops, one fan theory predicts.

The theory suggests: “They’re all going to murder Karen next aren’t they, now that she’s returned to really panic them to rightly ask questions about where her son is, not knowing he’s been murdered by 6 women on The Square who she knows? This SL is getting ridiculous.”

How long will Karen stick around for? (Credit: BBC)

Are Karen’s days numbered?

With Karen asking lots of questions about Keanu and what really happened at Christmas, ‘The Six’ will be keen to see her gone.

Tonight (Tuesday, February 6), Kathy tries to get rid of Karen by deciding to call the police to get her in trouble for Albie’s kidnapping.

But, will this plan work? Or, will ‘The Six’ feel as though they have no choice but to murder again?

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