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EastEnders’ Stacey Slater to create Only Fans account in new storyline

Is this Stacey's 'never-done-before' story?

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EastEnders’ Stacey Slater is set for a ‘never-done-before’ storyline as she struggles to provide for her family.

Now, a new storyline has been revealed that will see Stacey become inspired by the actions of Freddie Slater.

But, what will Stacey Slater’s ‘never-done-before’ EastEnders storyline be?

Stacey Slater counts money in EastEnders
Stacey is struggling financially (Credit: BBC)

Stacey in ‘never-done-before’ storyline

Currently, the Slaters aren’t having an easy time of things money wise.

With Stacey’s burger van being the victim of a robbery and the family struggling to cope with their rent rise, they’ve been struggling financially.

Recently, Stacey resorted to stealing money whilst on a cleaning job.

She was desperate to pay for Lily’s school uniform.

Whilst Stacey returned the money after feeling guilty, she did get questioned at the police station.

Later on, Kat bought Lily a new uniform as well as buying the Slaters a new fridge, although Stacey wasn’t happy that Kat was using Mitchell money to help them out.

EastEnders boss, Chris Clenshaw recently revealed on Loose Women that Stacey was to have an upcoming ‘never-done-before’ storyline.

Chris revealed: “This year, we will see Stacey do something that she has not done before and go to quite extreme lengths to protect her family.”

But, what will Stacey’s ‘never-done-before’ storyline be?

Stacey will create an Only Fans account (Credit: BBC)

Stacey’s ‘never-done-before’ storyline revealed?

Currently, Freddie Slater has been trying to raise money for the Slaters by selling photos of his feet on Only Fans.

Now, The Sun has reported that Stacey will be inspired to create her own Only Fans account, selling X-rated photos of herself to provide for her family.

An EastEnders insider told The Sun: “In the cost of living crisis, Only Fans has seen a boom in a similar kind of creator – mums and dads just trying to care for their families.

“It’ll all be handled sensitively and Lacey is a safe pair of hands on every kind of storyline.”

The insider even hinted that Stacey’s Only Fans may have references to her burger van, Stacey’s Baps.

Is this Stacey’s ‘never-done-before’ storyline?

Will she earn the money she needs to provide for her family?

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