Stacey looks worried on EastEnders; inset, she reads a bill, also looking worried (Credit: BBC/Composite: Entertainment Daily!)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Stacey makes awful decision as money worries pile up

What lengths will Stacey go to in order to make ends meet?

Our EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that the money worries continue to pile up for Stacey Slater. After yet another financial hit, the stressed mum makes a drastic decision. But what will she decide to do?

Elsewhere, Nish interrogates Suki on the hotel room in Leeds. Will she come clean about her night with Eve?

Meanwhile, Denise and Jack are furious at Amy’s latest flare-up of bad behaviour. How will they react when the youth gets herself in hot water yet again?

Keep reading our EastEnders spoilers tonight in full below.

Stacey looks worried as she reads a bill in the cafe on EastEnders
Stacey is hit with yet more financial pressure (Credit: BBC)

Stacey’s money worries grow

Stacey is under enormous pressure as the costs spiral up at work and at home. To make matters worse, Honey reminds her that her pitch fees for the market are due in.

Later, Freddie tells her that he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet without his moneymaking scheme – selling pictures of his feet on a website called SecretCam.

As she talks to Linda about her days as a page 3 model, cogs begin to turn in Stacey’s mind. As desperation strikes, she makes a momentous decision. But what will Stacey do next?

Freddie talks to Stacey in the cafe on EastEnders
Spurred on by Freddie’s money-spinning feats, Stacey ponders a scheme of her own (Credit: BBC)

Nish interrogates Suki as Eve formulates a plan

After finding out about the hotel room, Nish demands to know why only one hotel room was booked in Leeds. While Suki tries to explain herself, Eve comes up with a plan.

Later, Eve fills Suki in on her plan to get Nish out of the way. But will Suki go along with it?

Amy and Nugget talk on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
Amy gets herself in hot water again (Credit: BBC)

Denise and Jack crack down on Amy’s bad behaviour

Elsewhere, Zack marches Amy home to a shocked Jack and Denise. He tells them that she tried to steal booze from Peggy’s.

Furious, Jack and Denise insist that there will be no more lies from Amy. But will the troubled teen continue to act up?

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