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EastEnders spoilers: Lola comes face to face with her mum

Lola's mum turns up at the salon

In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Lola’s mum turns up at the salon as a client after asking for Lola to do her hair.

However, she doesn’t let on that she’s her mum.

How will Lola react when she sees her mum in EastEnders spoilers?

Emma standing outside Lexi's school in EastEnders
Emma chats to Lexi (Credit: BBC)

Lola’s mum turns up in Walford

On Lola’s wedding day, Billy tracked down Lola’s mum, Emma Harding.

Phil had given him the contact details so that Billy could visit her at her workplace.

Speaking to Emma, Billy tried to persuade her to go to Lola’s wedding.

Jay was furious when he found out that Billy had gone behind Lola’s back to track down her mum.

Next week, Lola’s mum turns up in Walford in a bid to see her daughter.

After finding out that Lola’s dying, Lexi’s heartbroken.

In the playground, Emma spots Lexi and comforts her although Lexi doesn’t know who she is.

Afterwards, Emma books a hair appointment at Fox & Hair and asks for Lola to do her hair.

Lola looking upset as she talks to Lexi on the sofa
Lola’s mum turns up as a client (Credit: BBC)

Lola doesn’t recognise her mum

The next day, Emma turns up to the salon.

Lola welcomes Emma but doesn’t recognise that Emma is her mum.

Emma doesn’t tell her the truth.

Before she can get to work on her mum’s hair, Lola’s health takes a turn.

Denise takes over and explains that Lola has some health problems that means that she can’t work today.

Emma watches Lola’s latest vlog and gets a shock.

Later on, Emma heads back to the salon to try to see her daughter again.

This time, she asks for a nail appointment.

She also starts asking Lola about her vlogs.

Lola then reveals that someone at school is bullying Lexi about the videos.

Will Emma reveal her true relation to Lola?

Will she be able to offer support to her dying daughter?

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Lola’s Mum Walks Out On Billy #eastenders | 25th January 2023

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