EastEnders' Lola in hospital and Ravi looking angry

EastEnders: Lola told her cancer is incurable as fans are left furious over soap’s ending

Lola deserved her 'duff duff' moment

Last night’s EastEnders saw Lola get told that her cancer is incurable after having surgery on her brain tumour.

However, Ravi and Nina’s ‘duff duff’ moment overshadowed the important scenes.

Now, fans are furious that Lola didn’t get to star in the episode’s ending.

Lola received some heart-breaking news (Credit: BBC)

Lola’s cancer is incurable

Recently, Lola collapsed and was told that she has a brain tumour.

Remaining hopeful, Lola was optimistic that her surgery would be successful.

However, last night, all of her hopes were shattered as she received her the results from her surgery.

After hearing from Jay that her operation was successful and that all of her tumour was removed, Lola was later informed that Jay had got his wires crossed.

The surgeons managed to debulk the tumour but were unable to fully remove it.

The doctor then told Lola that he thinks that she has a tumour that grows and spreads at a fast rate.

Her cancer is incurable.

This led to Lola bursting into tears as she realised that she will most likely die as the tumour grows.

Lola’s scenes didn’t end the episode (Credit: BBC)

Fans were furious at the soap’s ending

Instead of the soap ending on Lola finding out the devastating news, Ravi and Nina got the ‘duff duff’ moment as Nina told Ravi to pick Suki or her.

This has left fans furious as they question EastEnders’ decision at ending the episode on the Nina and Ravi scene.

One fan said: “I totally agree that the duff duff should’ve been Lola’s devastating scene. Lola’s storyline is just too important. I’m deeply invested in it, in Jola and in her extended family unit, as they go through this ordeal. For me, Ravi and Nina are just not worthy of a duff duff yet.”

Another commented: “I can’t believe Lola didn’t get the duff duff tonight!”

A third viewer tweeted: “Those final two scenes should have been swapped around to give Danielle Harold the duff duff. She deserved it and it would have been far more impactful.”

Lola’s time is running out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Is this the beginning of the end for Lola?

With Lola’s surgery being unsuccessful and her cancer being incurable, Lola’s time is running out.

Danielle Harold is leaving the soap, eventually resulting in Lola’s heartbreaking death.

As Lola struggles with her diagnosis, viewers will see the devastating impact it has on her family.

This is the beginning of the end for Lola.

But, let’s hope she gets a few more ‘duff duff’ moments soon, before her final scenes air.

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