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EastEnders fans all saying the same thing about Theo after he gives Lily money

Theo's such a creep!

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, June 20), Theo gave Lily £50 so that she could prove she had money to provide for her baby.

Lily had contacted him on Freddie’s phone, hoping that he would be able to help her and Ricky out.

Now, EastEnders fans are all saying the same thing about Theo after he helped Lily.

EastEnders' Theo is giving Lily money
Theo gave Lily £50 (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Theo gave Lily money

Earlier this week, Denzel put fear into Lily and Ricky by suggesting that social services would get them into trouble if they were unable to prove that they could provide for their baby.

After looking at the trainers Theo bought her, Lily came up with an idea and enlisted Nugget to message Theo from Freddie’s phone.

Theo took the bait and met up with Lily thinking that he was meeting up with Freddie. Lily then asked for his help with Theo handing her £50 in cash and telling her to pretend that Ricky got it from doing some odd jobs.

Lily took the money and went off to show Ricky the money hoping that this would help them with their money troubles. They could buy the baby something nice with it to prove that they could give the baby everything it needs.

EastEnders' Theo is smiling
Is Theo grooming Lily? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans brand Theo as a ‘creep’

EastEnders fans are branding Theo as a ‘creep’ as he continues to get Lily on side by buying her nice things and giving her cash.

One disgusted EastEnders fan wrote: “Theo is making me physically sick.”


Another viewer tweeted: “Lily wanting help from Theo the creep… disaster waiting to happen.”

A third person commented: “Idk who this Theo fella is on EastEnders but he is a proper pervert giving it ‘I can’t be a pervert I’m friends with your mum and your nan, it sounds to me like they’re jealous, why do you care what other people think.’ Classic groomer.”

EastEnders' Theo is offering out his hand to Lily
Is Theo a creep? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: What’s the deal with Theo?

Theo’s been acting really creepy recently. Buying Lily trainers could’ve been seen as a nice gesture but now that he’s given Lily money, perhaps Lily was right to question whether he is a pervert or not.

Some fans reckon that Theo could be Stacey’s Secret Cam subscriber. But, is Theo a creep? What does he want from Lily and Stacey?

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