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EastEnders fans predict tragic end to Lily’s teen pregnancy

As the due date looms, soap fans predict tragedy ahead

Fans of EastEnders have predicted a particularly heartbreaking end to Lily Slater’s teenage pregnancy story. Could there be a further horrifying twist in her tale?

This comes as Lily’s due date looms. The 12-year-old fell pregnant with fellow teen Ricky Mitchell’s child earlier this year. Lily decided to keep the child, and the baby is now expected within the next six months.

But could there be a heartbreaking twist in store for Lily and Ricky?

Lily Slater looking moody on EastEnders
Lily discovered that she was pregnant earlier this year (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict tragedy for Lily

Writing on Reddit, a number of fans theorised how Lily‘s pregnancy could end. One fan had a particularly pessimistic outlook on the situation.

“So here is my prediction. Lily dies in childbirth and Ricky completely loses his [bleep]. There is no way Stacey can look after another baby on her own. So between the grandparents, they decide that the best solution would be to let Whitney and Zack adopt it,” the fan wrote.

“That sounds very EastEnders tbh. It would be a shame to lose Lily and Lilia is such a strong actress, but I could also see it,” another fan agreed, in the comments below.

“I hope they don’t kill off Lily or it’ll be another legacy character down the pan,” a third worried, solemnly.

However, most thought this outcome to be unlikely. “There’s no way EastEnders are killing off Lily. None. She’s a Slater legacy kid and is played by one of the best child actors they’ve ever had. EastEnders aren’t binning that off for anyone,” disputed another fan.

Lily and Ricky Jr. talk on EastEnders
Ricky Mitchell fathered her baby after a one-night stand (Credit: BBC)

Lily Slater: Who is her father and how did she fall pregnant?

Lily Slater is the daughter of Stacey Slater and Ryan Malloy, although she sees Martin Fowler as her father. She is the older sister of Arthur and Hope, and currently lives with her mum at the Slaters’.

Lily discovered that she was pregnant, aged 12 years old, after sleeping with Ricky Mitchell. She tried to keep it quiet – as he wasn’t her boyfriend and they’d only had sex once – but had to come clean after her family suspected she’d been groomed.

It’s been a tumultuous life already, at only 12 years old… but what’s next for Lily?

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