Composite image of Ravi and Denise, both looking serious, with pink outlines, against the EastEnders background (Credit: BBC/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

EastEnders fans hit out at soap for ‘normalising’ stalker behaviour

'Ravi is a vile creep who won't take no for an answer,' said one fan.

Fans of EastEnders have slammed the soap for ‘normalising’ stalker behaviour, in its current storyline between Ravi Panesar and Denise Fox.

The pair have grown close in recent weeks, with Ravi propositioning Denise to meet him in a hotel while Jack is out of town.

While Denise has been hesitant to cheat on husband Jack, Ravi has been relentless in his pursuit.

Tonight’s episode will reveal whether Denise ultimately decides to take Ravi up on his offer.

However, some viewers have called out the soap for ‘normalising’ Ravi’s stalker behaviour.

Ravi and Denise talking at the salon on EastEnders
Ravi put himself forward for an event at Fox & Hair so as to get closer to Denise (Credit: BBC)

Ravi won’t take no for an answer

Tuesday’s episode saw Ravi follow Denise to her workplace at Fox & Hair.

He put himself forward for Kim’s livestream event in order to get close to Denise.

However, he was forced to withdraw after Denise made it clear how uncomfortable she was with his presence.

Still, Ravi was back at it later that same episode – telling Denise to meet him in a hotel room while Jack is at a work conference.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 22), Denise tried to avoid Ravi.

However, they wound up meeting in an alleyway and sharing a passionate kiss. Here, she agreed to meet him at the hotel.

Denise and Ravi talk at a bar on EastEnders
Ravi has been relentless in his pursuit of Denise (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans hit out at Ravi for stalker behaviour

Following last night’s episode, EastEnders fans took to social media to call Ravi out for his ‘stalker’ pursuit of Denise.

“Why are EastEnders making our Ravi’s stalking behaviour is normal or in some way flattering?” asked one fan. “99% of women would find that creepy behaviour disturbing and unwanted. It’s not how normal people behave. There’s plenty of creeps out there like him, thinking it’s okay.”

“Ravi is a vile creep who won’t take no for an answer,” said another unimpressed viewer.

“Ravi getting a bit too obsessed now and playing games I feel, Denise shouldn’t have ever given him the chance,” said another.

Earlier in the week, another fan wrote: “Ravi is literally a stalker, he doesn’t leave Denise alone. It’s not hot, it’s not cute, it’s gross and stinks of desperation.”

Has the soap gone too far in its portrayal of Ravi’s pursuit?

Does Ravi’s behaviour risk normalising stalking?

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