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EastEnders fan convinced they know what Theo really wants – and it’s not Stacey or Lily

What does he want from the Slaters?

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In Tuesday night’s episode of EastEnders (July 4), Theo gave Lily some school work and offered to tutor her for free.

Martin became suspicious as to why Theo would help without taking any money for it.

Now, an EastEnders fan is convinced they know what Theo really wants – and it’s not Stacey or Lily.

EastEnders' Theo and Martin are standing next to each other in the Slater house
Theo’s gone above and beyond for Stacey and Lily (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Theo helped Lily with her school work

On Tuesday, Theo turned up at Kathy’s and spotted Lily sitting at a table. He told her that he was hoping he’d bump into her before giving her a load of school work.

He then sat down and went through some Shakespeare with her whilst Stacey watched on. Theo then offered to tutor Lily and after some thought, Stacey agreed. Theo then reassured her he would do it for free.

Later on, Stacey got ready to film some Secret Cam content as Theo started to leave their house. Martin then followed him outside and questioned why he would tutor Lily for free.

Theo rejected Martin’s offer for money and got into his car before Martin could ask any more questions.

Does Theo want Lily’s baby? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Theo wants Lily’s baby?

Some fans reckon that Theo could be grooming Lily to get closer to Stacey. They had already worked out he was her Secret Cam subscriber. That was then confirmed on Wednesday night as he was seen logging on.

However, a new EastEnders fan theory suggests that’s not all Theo is after. They think he could want something else instead. He could want Lily’s baby.

The fan wrote: “What if Theo is planning to steal Lily’s baby cause him and his wife can’t have kids? Feel like grooming is too easy!”

But, is Theo trying to get close to the Slaters to kidnap Lily’s baby once it’s born?

What are Theo’s intentions? (Credit: BBC)

Does Theo want Lily’s baby?

Could Theo want to take Lily’s baby? Currently only viewers know he’s the one watching Stacey on the Secret Cam site, but could his obsession deepen and lead to baby snatching?

What are his true intentions for the Slaters? Just what does he want from them?

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MARTIN DOESN'T TRUST THEO - Eastenders 4th July 2023

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