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EastEnders: Denise should be having hallucinations of Nish not Keanu, fans complain

Denise didn't even kill Keanu...

This week in EastEnders, Denise has been struggling with the weight of Keanu’s death and has started to experience hallucinations of him.

When tending to Raymond, Denise saw Keanu in the mirror and feared that he was back to haunt her for what she and the rest of ‘The Six’ did to him.

EastEnders fans have now been left confused over these scenes as Denise wasn’t even the one to kill Keanu!

EastEnders' Denise is starting into the mirror as she hallucinates Keanu
Keanu is haunting Denise (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Denise is hallucinating Keanu

Since Linda killed Keanu at Christmas, Denise has been struggling with the aftermath of his death.

With ‘The Six’ all helping to bury Keanu’s body in the café, Denise is unravelling.

She’s started to hallucinate Keanu, feeling as though he’s punishing her for what she and the other women did to him.

With her mental health spiralling, she’s even been to visit her killer ex Lucas Johnson in a bid to seek help.

Last night (Monday, February 5), things got so bad that Denise almost confessed to Jack about being involved in the events of Christmas Day.

Denise seems more affected by this than Linda (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans baffled over who Denise is hallucinating

Denise is hallucinating Keanu – somebody that she didn’t actually kill. Surely, if anything, Linda should be the one hallucinating Keanu.

Fans have pointed out that Denise’s hallucinations should be of Nish instead as this was the guy she actually attacked.

One fan commented: “I really don’t understand why Denise is being haunted by the ghost of Keanu when she didn’t kill him! Why is she not having nightmares about Nish?”

A second person wondered: “Why is Denise having such a meltdown over Keanu? I thought she hit Nish not Keanu?”

A third viewer added: “Denise suffering the most when she didn’t kill Keanu is mad. Weird scripting.”

Denise continues to see visions (Credit: BBC)

Will Denise confess?

Next week, Denise continues to hallucinate as Amy gifts her a bracelet from Jack. Denise thinks that the bracelet is her missing ‘D’ necklace and lashes out.

But, will Denise crumble and tell someone what really happened at Christmas? Will she land herself in it?

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