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EastEnders: Billy Mitchell should be killed off, say fans

The runt of the Mitchells has gone too far

EastEnders fans are calling for Billy Mitchell to be killed off.

The house clearer has left viewers disgusted with his abuse of ex-wife Honey and his friend Jay Brown after he discovered they had fallen for each other.

Billy insulted and then assaulted Jay (Credit: BBC)

Viewers have watched Jay and Honey’s feelings develop for months.

They finally realised they were falling for each other this month and decided to make a go of things.

However it left Billy furious.

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Billy discovered the truth about Jay and Honey earlier this week. But he didn’t take it well.

Despite having cheated on Honey and destroyed their marriage, he still thinks he is in with a shot with her.

Insisting she was his wife, Billy raged at her and Jay for daring to kiss last month.

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Honey looked disgusted at Billy’s display (Credit: BBC)

But now he is determined to split them up and he tried to get Jay’s ex Lola on his side.

Billy told his granddaughter: “There’s something you need to know love, you see him and Honey – they’ve been getting it on.

“All through lockdown with my kids there. They’ve lied to the pair of us. It’s sick, that’s what it is.”

Later in the Square, Billy raged at Jay: “You look, never one to waste an opportunity were you, Jay?

“While the rest of us are struggling through lockdown he was making moves on my wife.”

He shouted: “What about how I feel? He’s had my granddaughter, he’s had my wife, sorry ex-wife. I better lock up Janet next, eh? Especially with your record.”

Billy Mitchell was left raging (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans want Billy Mitchell axed

Jay told him he was out of order, but Billy just punched him.

Raging he shouted: “No, you’re out of order and I’ll tell you something else – you’re dead to me.”

Viewers were disgusted with Billy’s insults and have had enough and want him gone.

EastEnders - Billy Mitchell Punches Jay Brown (29th January 2021)

Writing on DS Forums, one said: “He is acting like a spoilt brat.

“Throwing his toys out his pram because Honey doesn’t want him and his behaviour shows why. He has a temper tantrum whenever she doesn’t get his own way.

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“Honestly I think Billy is deadwood and has no place in the show anymore. He needs a happy ending exit or killing off now. He brings nothing to the show.”

A second said: “His comments to Jay were disgusting. He knows that little girl lied about her age and he didn’t sleep with her. He is a pathetic waste of space. Get rid.”

However a third said: “Agreed it’s time for Billy to leave now.”

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