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‘She needs to GO!’ EastEnders fans demand character is axed

One character's gossiping has rubbed fans the wrong way

Fans of EastEnders have demanded that one controversial character be axed, following recent scenes on the soap. Decrying her gossiping behaviour and general lack of purpose, infuriated fans have called for her to be given the chop.

Recent episodes of the soap have seen a once-beloved character turn into a ‘gossip’ and an ’embarrassing’ shell of her former self. In last night’s episode (Thursday, October 5), the Square was left reeling following Theo’s attack on Stacey and Freddie.

At the centre of it all was Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Taylor, gossiping about the attack, and Freddie’s possible future in jail. This left a sour taste in the mouths of fans, who took to social media to share their displeasure.

Is time up for Bernie – or can she be saved?

Bernie Taylor leaves EastEnders
Fans are bored of Bernie (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans demand ’embarrassing’ Bernie be axed from soap

As last night’s episode aired, a number of fans aired their displeasure at at Bernie’s latest scenes on the soap. Writing on Reddit, one fan kick-started a discussion about her future on the soap. “She needs to GO!” exclaimed the viewer.

“I know. It’s really embarrassing now that they have turned her into just a plate collecting gossip,” agreed another.

It’s really embarrassing now that they have turned her into just a plate collecting gossip.

“I get the feeling that the show doesn’t really know what to do with her. Probably best if she moves away when Karen leaves,” another fan said.

“Used to love her now I just find her really annoying,” bemoaned a fourth.

“Maybe they should just write her out of the show,” said another.

Bernie looking tired on EastEnders
Does Bernie have a future on the soap? (Credit: BBC)

Can Bernie be redeemed?

However, some fans felt that there was still some way back for Bernie, who has been a Walford fixture since 2017.

“She needs to be re-written and brought back to the lovely Bernie she once was,” one fan said.

“I hope they give this young actress some better work to do and put her on a redemption arc after the upcoming death of Karen,” said another – referring to rumours that Karen may die, following her being axed from the soap.

Can Bernie be redeemeed?

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