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Coronation Street spoilers: Roy is charged with murder

Things go from bad to worse for Roy

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Our Coronation Street spoilers reveal that, with Lauren Bolton still missing and Roy Cropper firmly in the frame, the police decide to charge him with her murder.

This follows another tough week for Roy, who faces continued abuse in the face of the accusations against him – and the sudden arrival of a woman claiming to be Lauren’s mother.

How will Roy cope when accused with killing Lauren? And can he clear his name?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers in full below.

Roy talks to Sam at the cafe on Corrie
Sam pays his beleaguered friend a visit (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy is under fire

As the story continues, Roy answers the phone to another volley of abuse. Upset, he quickly retreats upstairs.

Later, Nick, and Shona discuss the dreadful abuse that Roy’s having to deal. Sam says that he wishes he could pay Roy a visit, but Nick tells him it isn’t a good idea.

Sam lies to Shona, telling her that he’s going round to see Hope. Instead, he visits the cafe to see Roy, and suggests that they play a game of chess.

Sam and Roy talk on Coronation Street
Sam suggests a game of chess to cheer Roy up (Credit: ITV)

Stu gets a battering for his trouble

Elsewhere, Nina tells Evelyn and Shona that despite all the crank calls, they must still answer the phone – as Roy is hoping for a call from Lauren’s mother.

Meanwhile, after reading the vicious comments about Roy, Stu reveals that he intends to help Roy clear his name, as he knows what it’s like to be wrongly accused of murder.

Later, in the precinct, Stu questions a homeless man about Lauren. But, as he pulls out his wallet, he doesn’t see the man pick up a brick…

A bloodied Stu returns to Speed Daal, telling Yasmeen that he had his wallet stolen.

Later, Roy reels in shock as Evelyn reveals that Hayley‘s son, Christian has posted some hurtful things about him and Hayley online.

Roy talking to Evelyn and Nina on Corrie
Shona, Nina and Roy confront ‘Kerry’ (Credit: ITV)

Roy gets a visitor

Lauren’s Mum, Kerry, calls into the cafe and introduces herself to Roy and Nina. That night, Kerry secretly films Roy’s living room, recording a commentary making him out to be a murderer.

When Roy walks into the room, Kerry leaps back onto the sofa and pretends to be asleep. But what is she up to?

The next day, Nick and Sam visit Roy. Nick apologises and tells him that he’d be happy for Sam to spend time with him when things are back to normal.

When Sam tells Roy that he’s his best friend, sneaky Kerry takes note.

Roy wrestles with Alice as Evelyn looks on in Corrie
Learning that Alice is a fraud, Roy lashes out (Credit: ITV)

Roy is arrested – and charged with murder

However, later on a shaken Roy tells Shona and Nina that he’s just had a call from Lauren’s mum – asking him not to contact her again. With all eyes on ‘Kerry,’ the woman admits that her name is Alice, and that she isn’t Lauren’s mother.

Later, as Roy and Evelyn walk Freddie, they come face to face with Alice again. She starts filming them and, as Roy tries to stop her, Alice stumbles and bangs her head. Alice hurries away, accusing Roy of assault.

Alice, Roy and Evelyn argue on Corrie
Roy’s visitor isn’t who she claims to be (Credit: ITV)

Later, Dee-Dee breaks the news to Carla, Nina, Shona and Evelyn that Roy has been charged with Lauren’s murder.

Alone in his police cell, Roy sits, a shivering mess, his mind numb with fear.

Can Roy clear his name?

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Roy Refuses To Be Silenced | Coronation Street

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