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King Charles criticised over treatment of son Harry as Coronation drama branded ‘petty’ by expert

Will the Sussexes attend?

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In King Charles news, the monarch has been warned over his treatment of  Prince Harry, amid Coronation drama.

Rumours are abound that Harry and Meghan won’t make the trip across the pond for the big day.

These rumours come amid reportd they will be snubbed by the Royal Family.

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Will the Sussexes go to the Coronation? (Credit: Netflix)

King Charles news: Monarch warned over treatment of Harry

The Coronation is fast approaching, with the big day set to take place on May 6.

However, it still remains to be seen whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance.

Recent reports claim that the royal couple won’t have official roles at the Coronation. This will ensure the spotlight won’t be on them.

PR expert and MD of, Shannon Peerless spoke exclusively to ED! about Harry and Meghan’s coronation dilemma.

“Tensions are still running high in the fractured relationship between Meghan and Harry and the Royal Family,” she said.

“Whilst I do think they will ultimately choose to be the bigger people and attend the King’s Coronation, whether or not the establishment will take a similar stance and offer them a place on the balcony is still uncertain,” she continued.

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Charles has been warned over his treatment of Harry (Credit:

King Charles news: ‘Blood not thicker than water’ for Royals

Shannon then continued, saying: “They should be up there; they’re family after all.

“But the Royal Family has proven that blood is not thicker than water in the past.”

The PR expert then continued, telling us: “It’s looking like any official roles for the couple are out of the question, but this was to be expected with them no longer being working royals.

“You see, it’s bizarrely not ‘enough’ that Harry is King Charles’ son; he is not treating him as such and the royals won’t let that kind of sentimentality cloud their judgement on whether or not to snub Meghan and Harry.”

“The whole thing is getting a little boring now and, dare I say, petty,” she then added.

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The spotlight won’t be on the couple at the coronation (Credit:

Harry and Meghan snubbing ‘best scenario’

Meanwhile, Brand and Culture Expert Nick Ede of East of Eden believes keeping the Sussexes out of the spotlight is the “best scenario” for all parties.

“I think that for all parties this is the best scenario,” he exclusively told us.

“King Charles wants his family there but he knows that if were to give a role to the Sussexes it may seem disingenuous and all eyes would be on them,” he continued.

“Inviting them to attend as part of the family with no role allows them to participate without public and private scrutiny.”

Nick then went on to claim that Harry and Meghan will be “relieved” that the spotlight won’t be on them.

“I think that they will feel relieved that the spotlight won’t be on them to participate in anything official and taking away the pressure and scrutiny this could attract,” he then said.

ED! has contacted Buckingham Palace and reps for the Sussexes for comment.

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