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Harry and Meghan ‘to be dreadful to King Charles’ with big UK move: ‘He’s determined to get his father to apologise’

Will the Prince's alleged return cause an issue for the King?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to be looking at a new UK home to split their time across continents, but their alleged move has been labelled as “dreadful for King Charles”.

A royal expert believes that the duo is just out for themselves and if they return will use their inside knowledge to progress further.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has called out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s rumoured plans to return to the UK on GB News.

She joined Patrick Christys to weigh in on their plans to relocate.

Prince Harry and King marching in the Ceremonial procession of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall
An expert has warned that Harry’s return to the UK could be disastrous for King Charles (Credit: Cover Images)

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On the news of their UK home, journalist Angela said: “But I think they will be dreadful for King Charles.

“Because I think they will come here and try and crush and destroy what they [the royal family] are doing.”

News anchor Patrick asked, “how?” to which she replied: “They will find out what is going to happen, and they will do it their way the day before and ruin it.

“That’s what they did a couple of years ago in September for the army. They did that in America.”

Angela has written nine non-fiction books, three of which have been royal biographies. This includes Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018 and she is also a regular GB News contributor.

Patrick found it “bizarre” that the pair wanted to return to the UK after they “slated” the country and, in his words, arguably “the views of the majority of the British people”.

He ended his contribution with the notion that they “fled” the UK. Patrick asked: “Why on earth, I mean, there are loads of other countries, why would you choose to come back?”

Potential reason behind Prince Harry UK move

Royal expert Angela Levin sat talking on GB news to anchor Patrick Christys
Royal expert Angela Levin hit out at Prince Harry on GB News (Credit: YouTube)

Angela believes their move to be very calculated. Adding that Harry has a clear plan of action for his return to British soil.

Because I think they want to get their own back

She claimed: “Harry is determined to get his father to apologise to his wife. He must have it, and that is why he will come back and go anywhere.”

Their years in the spotlight have allegedly changed them, she went on.

She added: “They are no longer a nice couple; they’re there to get better and to take advantage of it, and they will be able to know what’s going on and use it to their own [advantage].”

This debate was sparked by whispers about Harry looking for a UK hub earlier this week. The married couple had formerly used Frogmore Cottage in the UK, but that is no longer an option.

The GB News host provided a counterpoint to their decision. He said: “I wonder whether or not they thought it might be better for their kids to go to a school in a country where people don’t walk into school with guns?

“Maybe that is what it is. We will have to wait and see won’t we.”

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