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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex ‘does what Meghan says as he fears he’ll be banished next,’ claims expert

The royal author didn't hold back

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex does what Meghan Markle says amid fears “he’ll be banished next”, one expert has sensationally claimed.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, made the shocking claims during an appearance on GB News earlier this year.

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Will Meghan banish Harry? (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Harry Duke of Sussex will be ‘banished next’ by Meghan Markle?

According a royal author, Prince Harry fears he will be “banished” by his wife, if he “steps out of line”.

Angela Levin, the author of ‘CamillaFrom Outcast to Queen Consort’, spoke to Dan Wootton on GB News back in April.

Angela and Dan’s discussion was sparked following news Meghan would be awarded the 2023 Women of Vision award.

The award was earmarked for Meghan for her “global advocacy to empower and advocate on behalf of women and girls”.

This is despite recent reports claiming she does just one hour of charity work per week.

Angela and Dan took the opportunity to bash Meghan, saying that “she’s never wrong”.

“If she does something, like pretend she got married three days before she did – which was terrible for the Archbishop of Canterbury, because he faced a criminal charge if he had married them three days before the proper wedding – and she just ignores it,” Angela fumed.

“There”s never apologies, she’s never wrong.”

Angela Levin on GB News
Angela Levin hit out at the Duchess of Sussex on TV (Credit: GB News)

Royal author slams Meghan Markle on GB News

Angela then went on to say that Meghan has an “extraodrinary way” of thinking about herself.

Dan Wootton then spoke about how Meghan had “cut off” one of her best friends, Jessica Mulroney.

“You look at Jessica Mulroney. Her best friend. The moment that Jessica annoyed the ‘woke’ mob, she was cut,” Dan said.

“Meghan didn’t stand by her, Meghan didn’t show her compassion. Meghan didn’t say ‘no, this is my best friend. Yes, she’s done something silly, but I’m prepared to take the reputational hit cos she’s my best friend’. No, she’s gone. She’s out. She’s banished forever,” he continued.

It was at this point that Angela made her shock claim.

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Could Meghan banish her husband? (Credit: Netflix)

Royal author Angela Levin makes shock claim about Harry Duke of Sussex

“I think perhaps Harry does what she says because he fears he might be next,” Angela claimed.

“It’s very frightening, I think, to live with somebody like that,” she then continued. “Becuase they have the power and they have the single dimension of going ahead.”

She then said that if Meghan wants to become a politician in the US, she needs to stopping such “thin skin”.

I think perhaps Harry does what she says because he fears he might be next.

Dan then said that Meghan doesn’t advocate for women and girls, she just advocates for one person.

“Herself, as always,” he then sniped.

ED! has contacted Harry and Meghan’s reps for comment.

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‘Harry does what she says because he fears he might be next…’ | Expert issues Meghan Markle warning

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