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These 13 tweets prove Bobby Brazier is on top of the world right now

Bobby is living his dream life at the moment

Bobby Brazier is currently living the dream life right now as he wows fans on both EastEnders and the Strictly dance floor.

He’s the rising star of the soap world and his dance moves are proving to be just as successful.

These 13 tweets prove Bobby Brazier is on top of the world right now and we totally agree!

Bobby’s acting is top notch (Credit: BBC)

Bobby’s smashing it in EastEnders at the moment

Actor Bobby Brazier’s smashing it in EastEnders as Freddie Slater at the moment. Freddie’s currently just whacked Theo on the head with an iron and fans have been stunned by how amazing Bobby’s portrayal has been.

One fan wrote: “Whoever brought Bobby Brazier to @bbceastenders was on a roll that day. He has been on fire lately.”

Another EastEnders fan said: “Bobby Brazier is a talented little fella isn’t he?!”

Another tweet praised: “Eve, Freddie and Stacey are AMAZING. This episode is so powerful. Bobby Brazier is fantastic, he’s going to be such a powerhouse.”

A fourth person commented: “Wednesday is another good episode, Bobby Brazier acting his socks off…very believable…EE is rocking atm.”

Another fan gushed: “Bobby Brazier is a hidden gem. Superb actor. Hope @bbceastenders realises that they’ve got a real star in Bobby. Freddie is the good guy. He has a [bleep] good future at the Square. He did everything right in today’s episode. His character will grow and plots will be more trickier.”

Someone else wrote: “Bobby Brazier is arguably the greatest soap opera find of the last twenty years, if not more.”

EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier accepting an award and talking at this year's National Television Awards
Bobby Brazier picked up the Rising Star Award at this year’s NTAs (Credit: YouTube)

Bobby Brazier is the Rising Star of the soap world

Bobby’s hard work is clearly paying off as the star recently won the award for Rising Star at this year’s NTAs. He’s won fans over with his talent and charm, and he deserves all of the praise he gets.

One Bobby Brazier supporter tweeted: “Well done and deserved. It’s wonderful seeing new talent rewarded. Congratulations Bobby Brazier you’re a brilliant rising star!!”

Another fan exclaimed: “Congratulations Bobby Brazier on winning the Rising Star award at the NTAs! And yes, you’re a rising star on EastEnders who is smashing it in every scene. So proud of you young man”

One excited fan said: “YESS Bobby Brazier @bbceastenders #EastEnders winning the ”Rising Star” award for his role as Freddie Slater. Congratulations Bobby, so well deserved, he’s been a revelation. A young, likeable, humble guy learning his acting craft”

Bobby Brazier smiling on Strictly
Bobby has huge talent (Credit: BBC)

He’s taken to the Strictly ballroom like a duck to water

Considering Bobby had never watched an episode of Strictly before taking part in this year’s series, he’s doing absolutely amazingly already.

He’s taken to the Strictly ballroom like a duck to water and fans are all rooting for him.

One Strictly fan exclaimed: “Omg I’m obsessed! Watching week one on catch up. Watching Bobby Brazier had tears rolling down my cheeks, what a gorgeous son you are to @JeffBrazier and Jade Goody, you are a beautiful shining star. Everyone is magnificent! Best @bbcstrictly ever.”

Another person predicted: “Bobby was so good, calling it now that he’s gonna win.”

A third fan noted: “Just catching up on Strictly and Bobby and Dianne’s Charleston was one of my fav dances EVER. The song choice, the choreography, the expressions.. sometimes they make Charlestons too silly but that was spot on omg.”

A final fan ended: “Seems like it’s going to be a big year for Bobby Brazier this year!”

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