Sharon looks angry about something; inset, Keanu seems sad and worried (Credit: BBC/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Sharon left broken-hearted over Keanu reveal

It's an eventful night at The Queen Vic...

EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that, as the residents of Walford settle in for a night at The Vic, Sharon is hit by a series of revelations – resulting in her banishing Keanu from the pub.

And, in other EastEnders spoilers tonight, Linda struggles with news of Shirley from Spain.

Elsewhere, Denise continues to be tempted by Ravi, and Eve is distracted about Suki.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight below.

Sharon and Keanu talk on EastEnders
A series of revelations mar Keanu and Sharon’s reunion (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Sharon and Keanu’s bliss is short-lived

As the evening begins, Sharon and Keanu meet for drinks at The Vic.

Following a conversation about their feelings, the pair share a passionate reunion in the bathroom.

A hot and sweaty Sharon and Keanu return to bar, and are greeted by sarcastic comments from Denise.

The other drinkers quickly catch on as to what they have been up to.

Their happiness is short-lived when Linda interrupts and reveals that she has received a counter offer from Nish and Suki for Mick’s half of The Vic.

Enraged by their deceit, Sharon confronts Nish and Suki.

Things continue to get heated when Keanu receives a voice note from Sam hinting at a romance in Spain.

Heartbroken by Keanu’s actions, and angry at herself for letting her guard down, Sharon banishes Keanu.

He reluctantly leaves The Vic, devastated that he may have blown his chances. 

Linda looks upset and rushes away from the bar on EastEnders
After news from Spain, Linda is left reeling (Credit: BBC)

Linda is devastated by a blast from the past

Linda’s world is up-ended when she receives a photo of Shirley and Dean from Carly.

She retreats to the hallway and breaks down away from prying eyes.

However, she is spotted by Kathy, who tries to console her.

Later, the pair talk about what they’ve both been through in the past.

Eve looks worried and upset on EastEnders
Eve is unable to stop thinking about Suki (Credit: BBC)

Eve struggles to contain her emotions

Stacey tries to distract Eve from Nish and Suki by showing off the new coat she has bought for Lily.

Eve is unable to come to terms with her feelings, and leaves the pub.

Then, Stacey heads over to join Kat to talk about wedding plans.

Jack looks at his phone while Denise tries to talk to him at The Vic on EastEnders
Jack and Denise grow evermore distant (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Denise can’t resist Ravi

Denise joins Jack for a drink at The Vic.

However, Jack is distracted and on his phone throughout.

When Ravi enters, Denise feels awkward.

She publicly kisses Jack to prove a point to Ravi and herself.

Jack leaves due to early work commitments.

Drunk Denise makes a move on Ravi – but not wanting to take advantage of her drunken state, Ravi turns her down.

Denise lashes out, forcing him to leave.

Later, she subtly seeks advice from Sharon as she tries to validate her feelings.

Lock-in at The Vic

As the evening progresses, the ladies of Walford settle in to a lock-in.

Together, they bond over their shared experiences, and complain about the men in their lives.

But it quickly becomes apparent that things can change abruptly, and without warning.

How will the night end?

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