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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 16-20

Janine schemes to get Linda to go

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Janine schemes to get Linda to leave. But will it pay off?

Elsewhere in Walford, Jean comes home and Stuart confesses.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Mick tries to help Linda

EastEnders Mick and Linda take the baby for a walk

Mick tries to convince Zack and Martin to let Linda move back in by promising to get her professional help.

He later invites Linda for a walk.

Mick Carter tells a defiant Linda Carter off

She’s furious when she realises he’s trying to get her to an addiction meeting.

Mick soon opens up about his own problems, however, and Linda admits she needs help.

EastEnders Mick is confused over Linda's offer

Mick promises to support Linda at the meetings.

Buoyed Linda decides she’s going to get Mick back.

2. Linda back with Mick?

EastEnders Linda gets a good price on the space

Nancy invites Linda to a meeting at her new restaurant space with Zack.

Linda manages to get them a reduced price on the unit.

Mick and Linda Carter enjoy some time together at Walford East, but he is shocked when she declares her love

Mick joins Linda to celebrate.

They are soon enjoying some time together in Walford East.

Mick and Linda Carter enjoy some time together at Walford East, but he is shocked when she declares her love

Linda goes for it and tells Mick she still loves him, but how will he respond?

3. Janine plots to get rid of Linda

EastEnders Sonia gives Janine a lecture on priorities

Sonia gives Janine a reality check about her priorities.

The lecture, however, only serves to give Janine an idea…

Mick and Linda Carter enjoy some time together at Walford East, but he is shocked when she declares her love

She comes up with a plan to get rid of Linda for good.

Janine offers Linda £25k to leave Walford.

Linda Carter looks sad after accepting Janine's offer.

Linda agrees to Janine’s offer, but she wants double the money.

And she soon enjoys putting doubts about Mick in Janine’s mind.

4. Linda leaves Walford?

EastEnders Linda looks sad as she prepares to leave Walford

Linda prepares to leave Walford and says subtle goodbyes to her family.

Zack realises her plan, but will he let her leave Albert Square?

5. Callum dumps Ben

Callum is annoyed with Ben in EastEnders and breaks up with him

Callum is riled by Ben’s actions and breaks up with him.

Lewis tries to make Callum see sense, but will Callum budge?

EastEnders Frankie gives Callum som advice

Later, Frankie offers Callum some advice too.

Can he really forgive, however?

6. Lily lashes out

Angry Lily Slater blames Stacey for Jean being in hospital

Lily hits out at Stacey and blames her for Jean being in hospital.

Stacey is upset and soon decides to bring Jean home.

7. Jean comes home

EastEnders Jean sits on the floor as worried Stacey and Kat watch on

After witnessing an incident between Jean and another patient, Stacey knows what she has to do.

She brings her mum home to look after her.

EastEnders troubled Jean Slater sits on the floor looking at pills

But caring for Jean is a struggle and Stacey confides her fears in Kat.

Can they really cope with this challenge?

8. Stuart confesses

EastEnders Dotty is suspicious when she sees Stuart

Stuart has his first chemotherapy appointment and is acting strangely.

Dotty sees him and assumes he’s high, so she threatens to tell Bernie.

EastEnders anxious Stuart confides in concerned Dotty

Stuart, however, confesses the truth to Dotty that he doesn’t feel a connection with Roland.

Will she be able to reassure him?

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